IronEdge excels with complex, multi-site clients that value IT. We also help our financial, retail and other high-growth / high-touch customers solve their governance risk and compliance (GRC) requirements as well. We give clients an EDGE by managing their technology experience.

Alamo Drafthouse Cimena had a goal of reducing their hardware footprint at each location by virtualizing their servers–including the Point-of-Sale systems. However, due to this being such a complex issue, ADC was unsure that the virtualization could be done successfully.


Titan needed a solution to allow for scalability of their call center platform. The upgrade needed to happen during business hours without interfering their operation. Titan also needed to gather and leverage business intelligence on call data, as well as other facets of their business.


Joeris General Contractors has many remote offices on client building sites in addition to its four regional offices across the state. It is crucial that employees can access corporate resources in a safe and secure way. Keeping the remote sites secure was tying up large amounts of internal resources and lead to less focus on larger IT initiatives.


South Texas Money Management needed a plan that was executable and scalable in order to help them relocate their corporate office. This project had to be completed within time and budget constraints while not interfering with daily operations.


Many of Kairoi’s properties were not receiving the day-to-day IT support they needed. Kairoi needed a solution that allowed for the maximization of business continuity while giving each employee an easy way to fix their technology problems.


What our clients have to say…

“Their specialists work well with our team and have a strong commitment to excellence.”

Alyssa Torres, South Texas Money Management

“IronEdge designed our network infrastructure and process to streamline our new venues so we are able to fix anything at any location.”

Mikey Trafton, Alamo Draft House Cinemas

“IronEdge goes above any beyond and help us keep up with new technology.”

Ashley Forbes, Federal Maintenance Services

“If you don’t want to be irritated by your IT, IronEdge is your solution. They’ve helped us to be able to work anywhere on the planet and everything just works.”

Katherine Mize, Mize PC

“IronEdge gave us the edge by getting us on track with our technologies to be competitive in our market.”

Angela Cardwell, Joeris General Contractors