The Challenge

Titan Gas has a call center consisting of 20 users with plans of scaling up to 40 in the near future. Titan needed a solution to allow for this scalability to their current call center platform as well as support executing the solution. They needed the switch to the new platform to happen during business hours and without interfering with current call center work. Titan also wanted crucial and digestible business intelligence on call data, as well as other facets of their business.

The Solution

IronEdge interviewed key stakeholders about their call center pain points and goals. IEG was able to uncover opportunities to increase call center efficiency and efficacy. This solution required a switch to 3CX, a platform that uses VoIP. Although IEG had never developed a call center from the ground up, project leaders worked tirelessly to ensure that the platform switch happened with no downtime for Titan. After the call center was up and running, IronEdge was able to identify the source and process for attaining call data. IronEdge is now currently helping Titan build real-time business intelligence dashboards for their call center and help them better visualize this data to improve operations.

Results and Benefits

“(IronEdge was) very analytical when running through their processes. From the procurement of the phone numbers to post implementation and report troubleshooting. IEG brought a lot to the table, in terms of technical knowledge.”- Amy Van Gelder, Chief Operating Officer, Titan Gas LLC

IronEdge was able to provide a clear and smooth transition from Titan’s previous call platform to 3CX. The expertise in setup combined with user training, provided by IEG, allowed Titan to stay open and take calls through their transition period. The Titan team now has a reliable call center platform and is working toward having real-time analytics to pair with their phone call data. This allowed Titan to streamline their processes, while maintaining supreme customer service to the clients that call into their call center.