IronEdge Group case study - Curtis Wagner Plastics

Based in Houston, Texas, Curtis Wagner Plastics is a leading plastic manufacturer that prides itself in producing high quality products made in the USA. Curtis Wagner Plastics discontinued service with their existing vendor and needed a new email solution quickly. After experiencing a server crash, hard drive failures and connectivity issues with their email server, the Curtis Wagner team wanted a reliable way to back up and access their data. The team was ready to steer away from VPN usage and migrate to the Microsoft Office 365 cloud-based email system.


IronEdge Group conducted the Microsoft 365 email migration using SkyKick technology and Azure AD Connect to safely synchronize Curtis Wagner’s existing domain with the new Microsoft 365 solution. When their server crashed during a historic ice storm, IronEdge was able to quickly transition to cloud-based domain services leveraging Azure Active Directory without needing to restore from backups. With the recently implemented Azure AD Connect, IronEdge was able to transition syncing Microsoft 365 with Microsoft Azure Active Directory minimizing any user impact. To ensure data remained secure, the IronEdge team built redundancies in the IT systems so they would remain secure during unforeseen disasters or catastrophic events. The migration project gave the Curtis Wagner team access to important files from the cloud without relying on a VPN. This transition also provided added convenience and reliability for employees working from home.


Thanks to Curtis Wagner Plastics’ excellent communication and flexible timelines, IronEdge was able to implement the migration project smoothly and efficiently. Today, the Curtis Wagner team has peace of mind knowing their data is backed up and can be conveniently accessed from any location.

“We are a small business, so receiving answers quickly helps us move things along smoothly. Matt was a huge help every time we reached out to him with questions or concerns. We’re very pleased with this project and the flexibility this solution provides our team every day.” – Sammy Sedita, Staff Accountant

“Any time we had an issue or needed help from IronEdge, responses were swift and they fixed our issues quickly. Now I can do whatever I need to do and maneuver through the system without hindrance.” – Tim Warner, Business Development Manager