Problem American Plant Food

Founded in 1964 in Houston, Texas, American Plant Food is dedicated to helping growers enhance soil quality and cultivate a healthy growing season every year. APF had six servers stored on-site and wanted to gain more control over their IT management solution. The APF team was deciding between colocation hosting or moving to a cloud-based environment. With the cloud offering reduced costinfrastructure migration over time, APF decided it was time to migrate their infrastructure.


To set up an entirely virtualized cloud infrastructure, IronEdge Group implemented Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), formerly known as Windows Virtual Desktop, on all machines in conjunction with APF’s Office 365 licenses. With this solution in place, APF could conveniently connect to remote resources as needed. Next, IronEdge migrated the SAP Business One server to the cloud to virtualize their environment, leaving one server on-premises to run accounting software and additional file shares. During this process, IronEdge implemented Nerdio to deploy and optimize AVD and set up Microsoft Azure to remain running long-term. With AVD rolled out and most of their IT infrastructure in the cloud, users could now access their virtual desktops from any device and location with ease.


“IronEdge Group was a pleasure to work with and I am highly satisfied with the way the migration was handled for our team. All the recommendations IronEdge made were very helpful, the team was proactive and responded quickly to our needs. The project rollout exceeded my expectations.” – Mark Sammons, Director of IT