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November 2022: End-of-Year Planning: Hit the Ground Running in 2023

While year-end business planning in a volatile market can be stressful, our team is here to ensure the success of our clients and share our experience with businesses everywhere. In our newest webisode series, Ryan, Dan and Patrick sit down to discuss the IronEdge methodology to client success when it comes to planning for new year initiatives, business goals and a thriving business IT environment.

September 2022: Advanced Threat Defense

Advanced Threat Defense solutions are designed to protect a company’s endpoints against sophisticated threats. With cyberattacks becoming more complex and costly, every business needs a reliable multi-layered security approach. In our latest webisode series, we sit down with Collin Ellis from ThreatLocker to discuss strategic security solutions for businesses.

July 2022: Cost of Moving to the Cloud

Cost savings is an important driver of cloud adoption, however, a holistic view of what the cloud offers is essential. In this webisode, Ryan and Patrick discuss everything you need to know, as cloud adoption becomes more important for organizations than ever before.

May 2022: Contingency Planning

What’s valuable for your business? In this webisode, Patrick and Dan discuss the contingency plans that are out there and how we define them. Dive into contingency planning in your environment and what happens in the event that your business has a disruption.

April 2022: Power BI User Adoption Strategy

Whether you’re just implementing, increasing your organization’s maturity level related to Power BI delivery, or understanding and overcoming adoption-related challenges faced when scaling Power BI—we’ve got you covered.

March 2022: Helping Businesses with Cybersecurity Insurance

Cybersecurity Insurance: everyone needs it but it can be incredibly difficult to take on internally. Always changing and ever complicated, our clients always come to us when they need help with cybersecurity surveys and applications.

February 2022: IT Certifications in 2022

Join Rebecca, Mark and Jesse as they discuss certifications for IT professionals who are interested in taking their careers in information technology to the next level.

January 2022: In the Dark About IT Pricing?

Andrew, Rebecca and Mark have a secret to share with you. Learn why Managed Service Providers are keeping you in the dark about IT pricing.

December 2021: Taking the Stress Out of Moving Office Locations

Join Ryan Lakin and Dan Mallard as they do the heavy lifting and discuss how to most effectively relocate your office and its technology infrastructure.

November 2021: Why Pay for Onboardings?

Dan Mallard, Rebecca Greiser and Rebecca Pfennig discuss our process for onboarding new clients and how this methodical process adds value to our clients.

October 2021: Cybersecurity Needs: Who You Gonna Call?

In this Halloween themed webisode, Andrew, Patrick and Dan discuss preparing your organization to withstand a cyberattack.

September 2021: Help Desk FAQs

When you call the IronEdge Help Desk, our team is always ready to help. In this webisode, Andrew and Mark provide solutions for today’s common tech issues.

June 2021: DFARS & CMMC Compliance: Three Things to Know

In this webisode, Patrick and Branson discuss how to navigate NIST 800-171, DFARS and CMMC and help you prepare for an upcoming cybersecurity audit by the CMMC Accreditation Body.

May 2021: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

In this webisode, our team discusses business continuity and disaster recovery in relation to popular 90’s movies. Listen in while they act as consultants for Jurassic Park and discuss the importance of having a plan in the event of an emergency​.

April 2021: Perimeter Security and Meraki SD WAN

In this webinar, Branson and Patrick give you the run down on perimeter security, the benefits of Meraki SD WAN and why it’s critical for organizations today.

March 2021: Getting Back to the Office – Tools & Processes for the New Normal

Many companies have been completely remote for the better part of a year now, if they weren’t already before. While some are eager to get back to the office, many of the tools and processes everyone has become accustomed to are here to stay. In this webinar, Andrew Moore and Ryan Lakin discuss the hybrid workforce and what that looks like for 2021 in the new, new normal.

February 2021: Power Query Features

 In this webinar, George and Daniel discuss Microsoft Exam DA-100 Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI, getting familiar with data flows, power query functions and more. Watch along as they offer their expertise on these advanced topics and provide demonstrations.

October 12-15, 2021: Community Summit North America

This is the most important event for the Microsoft user community. Whether you’re a seasoned Microsoft expert looking to share your knowledge and reconnect with fellow users, or are new to Microsoft Business Applications and trying to prepare for the road ahead, Summit is the one event you don’t want to miss.

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