Kairoi Residential is a partner-led company with a unified approach to investing in, developing and managing multifamily communities. With over 200 employees, distributed across 32 locations coast to coast, it was not feasible to assist every employee with onsite IT. As a result, many of Kairoi’s properties were not receiving the day-to-day IT support they needed. Kairoi needed a solution that allowed for the maximization of business continuity while giving each employee an easy way to fix their technology problems.


“We require a reliable IT provider to ensure all sites are continually linked to the central IT systems providing our users the best possible uptime and productivity. The ManagedIRON support team is always available to tackle any problems quickly and keep us up and running. As we continue to expand, IronEdge scales to meet our needs.” -Steele Kennett | Vice President of IT

The ManagedIron offering from IronEdge was the perfect fit for Kairoi. IronEdge was able to listen to the needs of each property and implement a strategic solution tailored to Kairoi’s needs. IronEdge introduced the following solutions, described by Steele Kennett, Vice President of IT, below:

Remote Help Desk Support & Trouble-Ticketing System: “With the ManagedIRON help desk fielding support calls, I rarely get one request per month when I used to get ten a day. I have been able to turn my attention from keeping the company’s IT systems and employees running to implementing new technology and custom applications that help the company make money by improving workflow.”

Security Management on All Computers: “Previously, we had no way of knowing if properties were actually installing the latest security updates or how secure our systems were. Now, we know everything is up-to-date and that all our business-line applications are functioning properly on all computers nationwide.”
Lost or Stolen Asset Recovery: “ManagedIRON’s platform has already resulted in the return of four computers that were stolen from one of our locations. The system was able to track the thief’s internet connection and report it to law enforcement.”

Emergency Messaging System: “We no longer have to answer calls from across the country if we have system communication failures. ManagedIRON answers everyone’s questions with one on-screen message.”

Monthly System Health Reports: “I can log in to the ManagedIRON web-based platform from anywhere at any time and access real-time information about the software installed on any computer in our network. With this information, I am able to make more informed, strategic IT decisions regarding new application rollouts and other infrastructure needs.”


IronEdge’s ManagedIRON platform provides Kairoi a cost-effective solution to support all users throughout their widespread corporation and to manage company-wide IT assets and inventory. This co-managed solution allows the Vice President of IT to focus on making strategic technology investments as opposed to putting out daily IT fires.