Are you using your email as a document management tool? There’s a better way for property managers to access, collaborate and share documents securely with the help of Microsoft SharePoint! Used and trusted by more than 200 million monthly active users, SharePoint is a powerful tool that unlocks the power of the cloud with all of its conveniences to users everywhere. The best part? You’ll be able to access the latest information about your properties in real-time in a seamless and secure platform the moment you need it. Come along as we share how this dynamic tool can transform your business and streamline operations with its user-friendly features.

What is Microsoft SharePoint?

Launched in 2001, SharePoint is a customizable cloud-based collaboration and document management platform that offers users a secure place to share and manage business information from any device—anytime, anywhere. In an industry that relies heavily on managing properties in different locations, SharePoint is the one place to turn to for your collaboration needs. From internal communication to project deliverables and file sharing, SharePoint is designed to bring remote teams together.

Below are four key benefits SharePoint offers users today.

  1. Boost Collaboration
    When it comes to doing business remotely, it can be challenging to ensure teammates have access to the data they need. SharePoint gives authorized members the ability to open, edit and share documents with others in one shared place that can be accessed anywhere there’s an internet connection. Need to edit a document together? Say goodbye to emailing documents back and forth. SharePoint’s co-authoring capability allows multiple people to work on the same file in real-time for enhanced workflow. Collaboration doesn’t stop here. Integrating Microsoft Teams with SharePoint offers additional benefits such as meeting with your team face to face through the app’s online video conferencing and chat features. Even better? Adopting a system like Teams gives users an easy way to collaborate on files, share their screen, and open, review and finalize documents together all via the Teams platform.
  2. Centralized Information Center
    SharePoint’s centralized information center offers a great advantage when it comes to sharing and tracking documents. No need to create individual Dropbox accounts or make a special trip to the office to access files stored on your company server. This feature gives any authorized user the ability to conveniently access the resources they need when they need them. Having a centrally managed solution also bolsters security and reduces the risk of potential data leaks due to having a multitude of different file storage accounts.
  3. Enhance Security
    SharePoint Online is a robust security tool that offers extensive protection to its users. One key feature is its ability to manage user permissions and control internal and external access to your content. Whether you need to share a specific file, folder or an entire site, the ability to fully customize and restrict access is at your fingertips. For example, if you need to send a financial document to an investor, you’ll be able to customize access to only those who need to be involved. Whether you want to give permission to a single user or a group, you can fully secure your site according to your needs.
  4. Version Control
    Ever wonder if you’re working on the latest version of a file? No need to email back and forth and stress if you’re working on the latest file version. SharePoint solves this problem by keeping track of who edited what, when with the ability to restore previous versions of any document. When it comes time to send your documents for review, SharePoint does an excellent job of streamlining document sharing, offering a simpler way to edit, review and share your work in real-time.

No matter where your business takes you, Microsoft SharePoint makes it simple to collaborate, improve workflow, manage files and share content securely. With proper configuration and a few simple clicks, you’ll be able to access the resources your need from the convenience of the cloud.

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