Every day, 115 million users log in to Microsoft Teams. The global collaboration platform unites workforces together so that no matter your location, work style or industry, Teams has your communication needs covered. For IronEdge, Teams transformed our workflow and strengthened our team. It was the perfect tool to turn to as we transitioned from onsite to fully remote work in the midst of the pandemic. Every morning, different departments across our company join their first meeting of the day to brainstorm, coordinate and review action items. But these meetings are more than just a 30-minute discussion carved out of a busy schedule. It’s a time to interact, applaud successes, share laughs and inspire one another to succeed. Teams makes collaboration fun. It’s where work happens. It’s seamless. It’s the future of work as we know it. Grab a seat and let’s take a deep dive into what this powerful app has to offer the work world today.

5 Tips for a Great Teams Experience

  1. Boost Collaboration with Colleagues Staying in the loop with good communication has never been easier or more accessible. Set up one-on-one meetings or bring 1,000 participants together to discuss matters that mean the most to your business. Meetings are accessible from any device, making interactions stress-free when you’re on the road or communicating with others inside or outside of your company. Need to work on a document with a coworker? No problem. The app allows users to share, view and make edits in real-time so you don’t have to rely on miles of email threads to finish an assignment.
  2. Maintain an Engaging Meeting Environment Virtual meetings don’t have to be dull and boring. Keep meetings interactive with emojis, GIFs and stickers to express feelings during a meeting. The app’s chat feature also allows participants to send messages without interrupting a conversation. For an elevated meeting experience, try the Together Mode feature to bring participants into the same virtual background. When it’s time to hyperfocus, Teams lets you create work blocks throughout your day to avoid distractions. It also gives you the ability to change your status to “busy”, “be right back”, “away”, “do not disturb” or “offline” to let others know you’re occupied.
  3. Prepare for MeetingsTake out background distractions before you head into your next meeting with the background blur feature. Teams lets you raise your hand and give an applause digitally during a meeting so you can react without any verbal interruptions. Once a meeting finishes, store meeting notes and recordings for safekeeping. For great collaboration and educational brainstorming sessions, check out the whiteboard feature where you can type, underline, color code and drag text within the canvas so ideas can flow as quickly as you do.
  4. Automate Routines Microsoft Power Automate’s integration with Teams lets you automate time-consuming tasks to help manage workflow. Simply install the Power Automate app in Teams by searching for it in the apps icon in the bottom left corner of Teams. If you don’t want to check your email every five minutes, there’s an option to set up email text notifications instead. Teams has a variety of templates to help you get started. Take a look at what’s popular here. You can also add the Power BI app to Teams by going to the app finder for those wanting to access and discuss interactive reports and insights directly in Teams.
  5. Streamline Tasks Microsoft’s Tasks app in Teams allows you to quickly view daily tasks all in one place, bringing together your to-do list from Outlook, Teams Planner and To Do. Whether you’re on the go or in the office, Teams creates a seamless transition across devices.

Microsoft Teams continues to grow and gain popularity among today’s workforce as employees shift to remote, hybrid and on-site work environments. Whether buckling up to commute to the office or sitting down for a day of working from home, Microsoft Teams is a one-stop shopping experience for all communication needs. More importantly, it helps teams stay organized in an era of rapid digital transformation while living in the lingering global pandemic. It’s no wonder why millions choose Teams as their platform of choice.

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