b2ap3_thumbnail_mobile_apps_400.jpgThe world is changing as technology grows ever more mobile. Cell phones have gone from bulky, large pieces of hardware to smaller, more compact specimens. Fifteen years ago, if you were to tell someone that your cell phone could connect to the Internet, you would quickly be dismissed. If you look past the surface laden with Candy Crush Saga and Words with Friends game requests, you can get to the heart of what smartphones have revolutionized – the way we communicate with others.

A small business owner should realize the opportunity that smartphones now provide. There are many useful mobile apps that can be utilized to streamline the way that you do business. We’ve outlined three that are particularly useful below:

Skype: Can You See Me Now?
Once used simply for personal video calls through the Internet, Skype is also a very valuable tool for a business owner. It allows you to work remotely from anywhere, and it helps simplify meetings in the event that you personally cannot make an appearance. With the introduction of smartphones, Skype has also gone mobile – you can meet with anyone, anytime, anywhere. Better yet, the Skype application can be used on any kind of smartphone, unlike the iOS’s Facetime feature.

SignNow: Just Sign on the Dotted Line…
Rather than carrying valuable documents around with you everywhere, you can store them on a mobile device and access them whenever you want. However, the app called SignNow has found a new use for this feature. SignNow allows small businesses to collect signatures from employees, clients, or partners involved with the company. The app simply sends them a link, which they sign, and they’re done. It only takes a few seconds. The signed documents are then secured by Barracuda technology, so you can rest easy knowing that your documents are safe. The app also allows you to view the progress of your documents, so you always know which step to take next.

Genius Scan: Pocket-sized Scanner?
Joining the war against office clutter is Genius Scan, ready to blow that old scanning machine out of the water. Going paperless has its advantages, and Genius Scan helps your business take a step in the right direction. This app allows the digital conversion of a paper document by using your smartphone. You simply take a picture of the document and deposit it to the cloud. Archiving documents without mounds of paper has never been easier. It also allows you to crop the image and share through email.

By utilizing the power of smartphones, you can thrust your business into the future. Do you have any favorite mobile apps for your business? Let us know in the comments. Or, if you have any problems adjusting to the new technology, Iron Edge can help. Call 832-910-9222 and see what we can do for your mobile business needs.

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