b2ap3_thumbnail_heartbleed_aftermath_400.jpgThe Heartbleed bug, one of the nastiest deficiencies in Internet security to date, was found two weeks ago. More than two-thirds of the Internet’s secure information could have been leaked from websites utilizing the OpenSSL cryptographic library’s encryption style. Most major websites have already issued a patch to resolve the problem, but that doesn’t change the fact that this information has been available to anyone looking for it for over two years. Worse s recommended till is that you would have no idea how to tell whether your data has been compromised.

The only option you have to keep yourself safe from hackers is to change your password. The only thing about this, however, is that you probably have too many passwords to count. It would take you hours, or maybe even days, to change all of them. Even if you are using a password manager such as Lastpass, 1Password, or Dashlane, you will likely be sitting in front of your computer for far too long changing passwords. The website Mashable created the Heartbleed Hit List: The passwords you need to change right now. On it, a listing of most websites and their vulnerability to Heartbleed with recommended actions you should take.

National Change Your Passwords Day
In the aftermath of this Heartbleed bug, tech writer Rafe Needleman suggests that we create something called National Change Your Passwords Day. It only makes sense that a day exists to improve the overall security of the Internet once a year, if not more. He even wishes that it would be a paid day off from work! For a small business, the most priceless thing they own is their data, and it would be catastrophic if something were to threaten that data.

“Daylight Savings Time”? More like Data Savings Time!
Needleman also makes a suggestion for when this day should be. He thinks we should take advantage of the extra hour offered by Daylight Savings Time and use it to change our passwords. In fact, he thinks we should do it when it transitions back to Standard time, as well. While twice a year is certainly more often than some people change their passwords, you should change your passwords frequently.

Is Your Data Safe?
Even with a strong password, it is possible for hackers to gain access to your data. This is why it is so important to back up your data somewhere. In fact, there’s a World Backup Day on March 31st. We bet you didn’t know about that. It’s a great time to call Iron Edge about backing up your data. If something happens to your information, it could lead to disastrous results for not only your personal life, but also your business life.

Absolutely nothing is more important to a business than its data. Sure, a paid day off from work would be nice to change your passwords, but there shouldn’t need to be a holiday to reap the benefits of Iron Edge’s managed I.T. services. We can remotely monitor your system and keep your data safe. Call us today at 832-910-9222!