For modern businesses, it’s critical that they stay ahead of the technology curve to maintain a competitive edge in almost any industry. New methods and technology are continually changing the way we do business, and keeping up with these changes can be highly beneficial to the growth of your company.

As businesses become more dependent on technology day to day, it’s clear that their IT support must expand well beyond break/fix support or a single IT specialist. Unfortunately, many companies stick with processes that they have outgrown, only to later realize their technology is not being managed properly and is actually hindering business growth.

Here are some of the main ways you can know if your business has outgrown its IT provider and what you can do to obtain more robust support:

4 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Current IT Support

There are some clear signs that you have outgrown your current support and need more comprehensive services. Some of the things that you should be looking out for include:

  • Lacking cybersecurity planning. This is the most obvious sign that your IT support isn’t cutting it. Cybersecurity is one of the business landscape’s greatest modern concerns. If your IT support team is merely installing anti-virus software and firewalls, your cybersecurity is lacking and needs more robust support as soon as possible.
  • Slow response times. As a business working in today’s always-on world, you need to be able to give your customers 24/7 service. When you face an IT issue, your provider should be able to offer onsite or remote support as soon as possible.
  • No clear strategy and no future planning. Excellent IT support should have plans in place for easy scalability. Your business shouldn’t be held back because your IT isn’t strategized according to your business goals.
  • Your business is facing frequent IT issues and periods of downtime. Downtime is extremely costly to any business. If you are losing money because your systems are constantly experiencing issues, it’s time to move on.

What to Do Now

If your business is lacking cybersecurity or experiencing any of the other symptoms of poor IT management, it’s time to move on. But what now?

One resource many businesses are capitalizing on is outsourcing their IT management to a Managed Service Provider (MSP). An MSP can offer total managed services and customize them to your business needs. They also provide service at a monthly fee, making it easier to budget for IT costs.

When it comes to finding a Managed Service Provider who can give your business round-the-clock protection, it’s important to find the right one. Hiring another company who is unable to keep up with your business is a waste of your time and money and leaves your business susceptible to attack. Here are some of the things that you should think about as you search for the right MSP:

What Does Your Business Need?

Think about your business and its needs. Do you need cloud solutions to increase efficiency and productivity? Would you like to be able to allow your team to work remotely? Is scalability a priority? Whatever your other needs, more robust IT support can ensure you get the services you need.

Look for a Consultant

We’re not all IT experts, and it’s not always easy to see how our IT systems could be improved. That’s why you should look for an MSP who provides assessment and consulting services. A good MSP will spend time understanding your unique business model and future plans. They’ll use this to strategize your IT and ensure it helps rather than hinders business growth.

24/7 Support is Vital

In the modern world where everyone is constantly connected, 24/7/365 network monitoring and maintenance is more critical than ever. While your business may have working hours, cyberattacks and IT problems don’t. Round-the-clock IT support will offer system monitoring to detect and patch system vulnerabilities as soon as they arise, saving you money by decreasing downtime and protecting data and systems.

You Need a Disaster Recovery Plan

While excellent IT support will certainly minimize the risks to your business, unforeseen disasters can still occur. It’s important to work with a provider who offers disaster recovery planning and data backup so that your business is prepared and your data protected, even if the worst happens.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Great Customer Service

Customer service might not seem like a top priority when you are searching for advanced IT support. But an MSP with excellent customer service will ensure that you don’t have to suffer long periods of downtime due to lack of communication or slow response times. They’ll be easy to reach, offer onsite and remote support, and clearly communicate IT solutions to you.

Many modern businesses often find that they’ve outgrown their IT provider and it’s time to look for a new one. While it may seem daunting to ensure you pick the right replacement, as long as you are aware of your business needs and what your goals are for the future, you can find the provider that works best for you. IronEdge believes everyone deserves great experiences with their technology. Contact us today to find the perfect custom solution for your business.