Sparrow Capital Partners has been an IronEdge client since 2019, and their passion for community is what sets them apart in the property management arena. We spoke with Jeff Ober, Director of Doing Things Better and Smarter i.e. Technology & Innovation. Jeff utilizes Data Decision Sciences to strategically implement systems and processes which allow Sparrow Partners to continuously evolve into a more data driven company.
Jeff’s favorite thing about working for Sparrow Partners is that their Leadership has remained very positive- despite the current pandemic. Even though Covid has impacted revenue, Jeff expressed that morale is strong, and people are willing to pitch in and work as a team. We were excited to sit down with Jeff and learn more about how operations have shifted after the stay at home order.


Sparrow Partners offers a full range of services in the multifamily industry, including property management, development and construction management. As a boutique real estate management company, Sparrow is able to be nimble, creative and accommodating in the offering and execution of its services.

Sparrow  builds and manages active adult apartment centers for those 55 and older who don’t need the care component that most nursing homes provide but come for the sense of community. This is enticing to the current clientele seeing that there are neighbors and activities while giving them autonomy to live on their own. It is a new way of marketing and a new type of middle age/elderly living that has not been developed quite yet. This in turns sets their properties apart in the apartment arena. Their clients may have owned a home for a long time but maybe they want to cash out the equity and stay active.


Fortunately, Sparrow’s workforce was distributed by design before the pandemic. They haven’t had too many noticeable changes since the Covid-19 outbreak. Clearly travel has been put to a stop, but positive things have come in terms of cloud offerings having virtually no on premise servers. This allows employees the ability to work remotely built in to the infrastructure as is. Sparrow is also using Microsoft Teams more regularly for meetings instead of dial in conference calls. This allows for a more personable experience for employees. Changes have been made both on the corporate side of the house and residential side by pivoting to maintain a sense of community during the pandemic. They have done so by doing all virtual tours and virtual events for the apartment community in order to keep the community feel alive.


The core value behind Sparrow Partners is to build community. Most of the residents living in their communities have stated that the pandemic was better because they were not isolated. They also started an Acts of Kindness movement where residents submit stories via email and there was a resident who reached out in the apartment community, and they came together as a family to help his wife when she was sick. The provided meals and comradery through his tough time reminded him that he was not alone. Lastly, there has been a group of residents who get out on their porches and sing songs lead by a former military chaplain providing that sense of community even in the midst of a pandemic. We can all learn a thing or two from the dedication and humility shown, and we are honored to have Sparrow as one of our clients.

Reach out to Jeff and his awesome team if you have questions about community living: