This webinar focused on how to improve your Power BI visuals with titles that change as you slice your data and visual formatting based on your company’s KPIs and priorities. We enjoyed sharing this fun topic utilizing the great visual options in Power BI. Please see our resource links and code used below.


Here are some of the helpful links that we mentioned:
Conditional Formatting Code Used

Title Trending Salesperson = 
var salesPerson = SELECTEDVALUE(Salespersons[Name])
var selYear = SELECTEDVALUE('Calendar'[Year], "All Years")
IF(ISBLANK(salesPerson),"Trending Sales " & selYear, "Trending Sales: " & salesPerson & " " & selYear)"

Title Past 2 Months Sales = 
var mindate = CALCULATE(  MIN('Calendar'[Date]),  ALL('Calendar'),'Calendar'[Past2Months] = 1) 
RETURN "Sales Since " & mindate

Title Sales to Goal = 
"Sales Goal " & FORMAT([Sales to Goal],"Percent")
Title Sales Goal Alert = 
var selMonth = SELECTEDVALUE('Calendar'[Month])
[Sales to Goal] < .93, "Sales below minimum",
"Sales Goal %")

Show Sales Goal Alert = 
IF([Sales to Goal] < .93, 1, 0)

Show Sales Goal Alert Number = 
var selMonth = SELECTEDVALUE('Calendar'[Month])
IF(ISBLANK(selMonth),", FORMAT([Sales to Goal],"Percent"))
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