March is Women’s History Month, a time to celebrate and honor the contributions women have made to our history, culture, community and within our industry. IronEdge Group is grateful for our talented group of women who keep our company thriving day in and day out. In this post, Anamaria Drago, Kelli Wolf, Martha Holland and Rebecca Greiser share about their role at IronEdge and what led them to work in the tech industry. Come meet our team!

IronEdge Group celebrates Women's History Month


How long have you been working at IronEdge Group? What is your role?

Anamaria: I’m a Project Coordinator and work primarily with the BI Team. I joined IronEdge in September 2021.

Kelli: I’m a Data Analyst and joined the team in 2021.

Martha: I’m a Sales Administrator and started working at IronEdge in 2021. 

Rebecca: I was hired on by IronEdge in October of 2021 for business development as a Sales Executive.

What is your favorite thing about your position and working at IEG?

Anamaria: I really like the culture of personal growth and professional development. Everyone is eager to gain more knowledge and it inspires you to do the same.

Kelli: It’s honestly fun. I enjoy working with and speaking to my co-workers every day. I also really like that I’m constantly learning something new and growing my skillset.

Martha: Feeling that what I do is helpful to the team. I work with such wonderful people that it feels great to know that my job allows them to be their best!

Rebecca: I love the culture of IronEdge. The team really supports personal and professional ambitions and celebrates with you on your successes!

What attracted you to this industry or inspired you to choose your current career path?

Anamaria: I have been involved in many BI-related projects in my previous role in Finance, and I decided it was something I could always learn more about.

Kelli: I love working with data and learning what we can do with it!

Martha: One of my professors at the University of Houston inspired me to carve out a career in technology.

Rebecca: Originally, I was in the coffee industry for 9+ years and had lost my passion. I was looking at making a move to a new industry and the opportunity for Managed Services sales came up. I took a leap of faith and since have fallen in love with this industry and have cherished the connections made!

What are your hobbies/interests outside of work?

Anamaria: Reading and writing fiction as well as painting both watercolor and oil landscapes.

Kelli: I love dogs, exploring breweries and hiking.

Martha: I enjoy spending time with my boyfriend, Mark, and our two dogs. I also love rock climbing, being outdoors, trying new restaurants and bars, horror genre films and creating special effects makeup.

Rebecca: Outside of work I love anything outdoors – camping, hiking, biking, and playing with my dogs. I love ministry and am heavily involved in my church.