Making a change of this magnitude might sound like more trouble than it’s worth. You might not be overly content with your provider, and everyone’s heard “the grass isn’t always greener”, so you’re not sure about the risk. If you’ve worked with the same IT company for years, you might not actually know what you’re missing until a major issue comes up and it’s too late. However, if any of the following is a concern for your business, it might be time to make a switch.


Business Needs are Not Being Met 

Does your current IT provider lack the appropriate skills and resources to meet the needs of the business? Successful businesses are growth-oriented and it’s important that business technology is elevating your team- not holding them back. Technical Account Managers play an important role in identifying business needs and working with decision makers within each organization. If your current IT provider doesn’t have an account manager assigned to your company with knowledgeable support staff that can quickly solve problems it’s a red flag.


Provider Doesn’t Take a Strategic Approach

One key differentiator between a successful and average small business is strategic IT support and planning. Selecting the best technology for your business is an increasingly complex challenge for busy executives. A quality provider should help envision the IT possibilities for your enterprise to ensure maximum value is delivered to your customers. It is important that your provider be knowledgeable on the timelines of hardware, software and cloud service investments for your company size and vertical. Better resource utilization ensures business efficiency.


You’re Unable to Pass Audit and Compliance Review

It’s imperative for any organization to follow the standards set in place by the compliance audit that best represents their industry. IT security is a line item on every executive’s IT checklist. We conduct comprehensive security assessments of the entire IT infrastructure and consider solutions to eliminate risk. Our knowledgeable consultants are versed in every industry compliance standard, and the best practices to ensure your company remains protected.


You want to prevent catastrophic loss of revenue, clients and intellectual property due to a cyber-attack

Managed IT providers are a target for hackers in today’s world. It should be your provider’s responsibility to secure your company data and access to your systems. Security should be taken very seriously. Providers should coordinate annual security audits and maintain written response processes for major issues. The use of advanced security measures, such as multifactor authentication (MFA), intrusion detection and encrypted systems should be a part of their standard operating processes.


Finding a new IT provider can be challenging, but with some education, business executives can take a lot of the guess work out of it and make a decision that isn’t exclusively based on price.  We have created a resource for what to look for in a managed services provider.  Download it here or contact IronEdge with any questions.