b2ap3_thumbnail_managed_services_demand_400.jpgA lot of today’s companies are taking advantage of the money they can save by switching to an outsourced I.T. provider, but they all have their reasons. The reasons why they outsource their I.T. may vary by company, but there are always constants that can help you figure out what you should expect from your I.T..

In a study by HfS Research and KPMG, it was determined that there were several common needs that businesses who sought to outsource their I.T. demanded from their providers. The study itself is called “2014 State of Outsourcing,” and you might be surprised by some of the results they came up with.

Improved Analytics and Strategic Operations Talent
According to the study, 48 percent claim that the improved quality of analytics and operations is worth meriting a thought for outsourcing. Big Data is an important part of practically every business out there, but it can overwhelm some if they don’t know how to approach the raw data. With the growing influence of the Internet of Things revolution taking root all over the world, analysis is more important than ever before. Data can now be fed into analytic tools that can help business owners assess and evaluate trends in markets and industries. Iron Edge can equip your business with tools that let you do just that – take advantage of your Big Data to get a big head start on your competition.

Businesses Want Access to New Technologies
47 percent want access to new, developing technologies. If a new development seems to be causing a stir in the technology community, naturally businesses want to take advantage of it. At the heart of this is why businesses sign up for I.T. services in the first place. Initially, businesses want to save money by outsourcing their I.T. services, but as a relationship builds between the two entities, your business will start trusting the I.T. support with all matters related to technology. Thus, a technology consultant for new solutions is born. What started as a simple service provider will turn into a trusted advisor who will help you take advantage of the latest technology in order to make your business succeed.

Analytics for Revenue Growth
This is another fairly simple concept. 33 percent of businesses can see that improved analytics concerning revenue growth will be important in the future, and they want their I.T. providers to understand that, too. Big Data exists for businesses to fatten their wallets, and it’s a simple fact of business practice that something which can provide more revenue is worth investing in. Iron Edge can help your business take advantage of analytics tools to help you grow your bottom line and streamline your expenses.

In response to these demands, CIO.com says the following:

The focus on digital outcomes has dramatically emerged, with many clients increasingly no longer viewing tactical success as their end game. The onus is on clients to move the conversation to one of better analytical capability, more savvy and creative support talent, and access to better tools. These are the new stakes.

Iron Edge understands exactly what businesses want from their I.T. service providers. We are seasoned professionals whose only limitations stem from a service contract. We take pride in our ability to provide only the best services to our clients, and we do our best to make your business succeed. Outsourced I.T. is one of our fortes, but it’s not all we do.

We at Iron Edge provide our clients with services that extend far beyond the basic needs of your company’s I.T. department. We also provide in-depth analysis and consulting which can help your business grow in the right direction. Give us a call at 832-910-9222 and find out what we can do for your business.

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