Microsoft Office 365 can enhance a company’s operations in a variety of ways. Yet, due to the fact that not every business is the same, your organization will benefit more from a solution that’s customized to meet your needs. This is a big reason behind Microsoft’s customizable offering: Office 365 Business Premium.

Here are just a few ways that Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium can meet the unique needs of your company:

  • Full Installation of Office apps: With a Business Premium subscription, each user gets the 2016 edition of every Office application installed on up to five desktops or laptops.
  • Mobile Access: A Business Premium subscription also allows users to install mobile editions of every Office application on up to five mobile devices, and it provides access to online versions of the apps. This gives your team anytime/anywhere access to their work.
  • OneDrive for Business: Any business that utilizes Office applications will want to take full advantage of OneDrive for Business. This is a cloud-based storage system that allows for file sharing and collaboration between staff members. OneDrive is an easy way to implement a useful cloud computing solution for your organization.
  • Company Cooperation: By default, every registered Office 365 Business Premium gets a business email, calendar, and contact list with their account, as well as access to a corporate social network and unlimited online meetings.

These are just four of the prominent features offered by Office 365 Business Premium; there are actually many more ways that Office 365 Business Premium can benefit your company. For example, a Business Premium subscription plan ensures employees access to the most recent version of an Office application, and employers are given total control of implementing software updates and security patches.

Overall, what makes Office 365 Business Premium so useful is how all-encompassing it is. Thanks to all of the included apps, features, and cloud-based capabilities, virtually every corporate environment is sure to find a way for Office 365 to enhance their operations.

However, without us sitting down and reviewing the exact computing needs of your company, we can’t say for certain that Office 365 is right for your business. There are other software solutions available as well, and you owe it to yourself to investigate all of your options so your team will get the most bang for your buck. To that end, Iron Edge can assist you with choosing and implementing a perfect software solution for your company, whether it be Office 365 or something else. To learn more, give us a call us at 832-910-9222.

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