Business owners have a lot to worry about. However, keeping workstations, server units, mobile devices, and various software solutions in good working order doesn’t have to be a concern–that is, if you outsource these responsibilities to the right IT professionals.

By outsourcing your company’s IT, these expensive and time-consuming tasks are taken off of your plate, for good. This is made possible when IT professionals utilize remote monitoring and maintenance (RMM) technology, which allows them to remote into your company’s network to perform tasks. To give you a better understanding of how outsourced IT can help your business, consider these three benefits to managed IT services.

Your Systems Will Always Be Up to Date and Secure
Businesses that don’t make it a priority to routinely update their machines with the latest patches and security updates are doomed to eventually slip up by forgetting to apply important updates. Without applying updates, your systems will be vulnerable to recent, dangerous threats that previous patches don’t cover. This is why patching is so important. If you’re too lax about it, you’re putting your data in danger.

When you outsource this responsibility to a third-party provider who uses remote monitoring tools, you won’t have to worry about updating your systems any longer and your business will be more secure.

You’ll See Minimal On-Site Visits
The advantage of the remote approach to monitoring and maintenance is that routine IT tasks and even troubleshooting measures can all be performed without requiring an on-site visit. In fact, break-fix IT companies won’t tell you this, but most problems with your technology can be resolved without an on-site visit. Unfortunately, break-fix companies like to charge you onsite fees, and charge by the hour, making preventative measures not their first priority. Managed service providers, however, don’t typically charge onsite fees, which creates a mentality of ensuring your network is always in tip-top condition. They want to prevent onsite visits as much as possible to keep costs down.

Of course, some problems like hardware failure still require a personal touch. However, when your network is remotely managed, the chance of hardware failure is minimized, which means fewer onsite visits are needed.

Detection of Threats and Other Problems
You’re well aware of the many online threats that exist, like viruses, spyware, ransomware, etc. However, knowing is only half the battle. Do you have a security solution in place to detect and eliminate any of these threats that have breached your network? If you don’t, then you can have a third-party service provider monitor your network for threats. Iron Edge Group can perform these tasks by addressing the workloads of your systems while looking for inconsistencies or security breaches in real-time.

So, who’s monitoring and maintaining your company’s IT infrastructure? If you’re tasked with overseeing it, then know that you can outsource this responsibility to Iron Edge Group today and have one less thing to worry about!