Every business in every industry relies on technology to operate in today’s digitally driven world and the construction industry is no different. With specific IT requirements in place, there’s nothing worse than facing downtime and feeling frustrated when technology fails to meet your needs. There’s simply no time to lose when project timelines, productivity and revenue are on the line. How can construction firms keep up to date with the latest cybersecurity strategies and eliminate the frustrations caused by technology? Turning to a co-managed or fully managed IT service offers a strategic solution for firms looking to augment their current IT department or hand over their technology responsibilities to industry experts. Below are four ways an outsourced IT solution can boost your current IT strategy.

Managed vs. Co-Managed IT — What’s the Difference?

Managed IT

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A fully managed IT solution is where a managed IT service provider (MSP) handles and monitors every aspect of your organization’s IT, allowing you to focus on your business’s operations, rather than its technology solutions. This is an ideal choice for firms that may not have an in-house IT team or those seeking specialized support to keep up to date with the latest technology and cybersecurity developments.

Co-Managed IT

Co-managed IT combines the knowledge and expertise of your existing IT team with those of your service provider. This solution offers teams a way to augment or fill knowledge gaps in their own internal IT department, without onboarding new hires. Many businesses use the flexibility that an outsourced co-managed IT offers to implement new solutions, expand current operations, and focus on the management of the business itself.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT to an External Team

Improve IT Security and Reduce Risks

Every business is vulnerable to cyberattacks. Outsourcing IT services provides construction firms with access to advanced security services and expertise to help minimize risks. A mature and reputable MSP will proactively monitor your critical information systems, quickly identifying issues or threats that may arise. This includes detailed monitoring of hardware, network systems, storage and cloud infrastructure. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your external IT team is working behind the scenes and identifying issues before they manifest into costly downtime and cybersecurity concerns.

Access to Experienced and Professional Technicians

With an MSP, construction companies can minimize the risks associated with outdated technology and knowledge gaps. Having a team of IT specialists by your side helps free up your time by offloading daily, urgent and easily automated tasks. Your team will have access to the help it needs, allowing you to quickly and efficiently resolve problems.  If new projects need to begin promptly, you’ll have the resources you need to avoid delays.

Maximize ROI

Whether you’re looking to free up your current IT department’s time or fully outsource your IT, outsourcing your IT can help maximize the ROI you get from your technology. The best outsourced IT solutions should be designed to help firms develop and implement IT strategies that meet both needs and budgets so you can focus on your business and scale.

Focus on Your Business Goals

Many IT directors and CIOs have to table important business needs to focus on putting out fires and urgent issues that flare up every day. Outsourcing IT responsibilities can help your team focus on daily business objectives and growth while leaving complex IT tasks to a service provider’s team of IT specialists. With a strategic approach and reliable technology solutions in hand, you’ll be able to manage technology initiatives to meet business objectives.

From innovative tools and machinery to construction-specific software, technology plays an essential role in increasing productivity and safety in the build environment. At IronEdge, we help Texas-based construction companies improve operations and mitigate IT risks that can stunt productivity and growth. Our specialized IT Services are designed to help your company overcome technology challenges with proven IT solutions so you and your team can focus on what matters most.

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