Co-Managed IT Solutions free up your current IT department’s time and resources by offloading daily, urgent or easily automated tasks to an outsourced team of IT professionals. It’s critical to implement a solution that meets both business needs and budget. By implementing a co-managed service, IT departments can focus on strategy and important items for investment. Here’s four ways our ManagedIRON Solution can strengthen your current IT.

Shared Help Desk Support

With a shared help desk managed by us, your team won’t be overburdened, and you’ll reduce unnecessary bottlenecks that prevent your progress. Your team will have immediate access to our Texas-based help desk team allowing you to quickly and efficiently resolve problems.

Fully Managed IT Support Software

We manage and configure our comprehensive IT support software & tools including ticketing, documentation, password management and remote access for your team. Utilize the experience and best practices of our staff for industry leading IT Tools without paying the price in time and money to configure them yourself.

Reporting and Audit Support

Reporting and technical support documentation designed for audit and control centric organizations. Get reports from our Business Intelligence integrated solution on your timeline – no more waiting on reports to be generated. Work with business focused technical teams to schedule scans, build reports and address audit and compliance before issues arise. Review assets, software, patching, security and change control proactively, on your schedule.

Monitoring of Critical Systems

We’ll minimize the IT risks to your organization by proactively monitoring issues or threats to your critical information systems including hardware, network systems, storage and cloud infrastructure. Proactive monitoring means we’ll be able to spot issues before they manifest into costly downtime and headache.

Reduce the Bottlenecks that prevent your progress! IronEdge Group’s Co-Managed Outsourced IT Services are designed to help your organization develop and implement IT strategies that meet both needs and budget. It’s time to level up!