Joeris General Contractors is a Texas based commercial construction firm that ensures a safe workplace for employees,  clients and the community. We had the chance to chat with Tom Crews who has been with Joeris for the past seven years. Tom is the IT Manager and works closely with IronEdge to handle infrastructure, implementation and oversee all IT related tasks and onsite IT operations.

Company Growth & Prosperity

Tom’s day to day consists of managing his team to ensure the IT infrastructure is healthy and all employees are getting the proper service and attention they need to perform day to day duties. He is also working on Joeris’  IT cloud strategy as the company grows so they can be more agile and respond to business needs quickly. Another project he is working on is with the Vice President of Houston to help design and build-out the new Joeris Houston office. Since Joeris  is growing rapidly, this expansion project has been a key project for Tom over the past few months. Handling and managing all the moving parts have been a fun and exciting adventure for Tom, and he is excited for the expansion.

Tom’s favorite thing about working for Joeris is that the firm allows the flexibility for employees to grow into their individual  roles in their own unique way. The amount of trust demonstrated to Tom is what has kept him with the firm for the past seven years and makes him feel validated and valued.

Response to  Covid-19

At the beginning of the pandemic, it was hard to keep up  with companywide communication pertaining to restrictions and HR relevant information. Over the past few months, Joeris  created a companywide town hall in order to keep everyone in the communication loop. This showcased transparency and the firm’s diligence to keeping employees safe and well connected during the pandemic. This level of vulnerability helped to boost morale in an uncertain time amongst employees, and the firm is proud to say that no layoffs have been made due to Covid19.

Remote Workforce Transition

Luckily, Joeris  was prepared to work remotely, from an IT perspective, when the pandemic broke out. The executive team was surprised with how well this transition to a remote work force took place. All of the infrastructure had been previously implemented and the cloud migration had been completed and was readily available in the time of need.

Tom’s team was also able to provide the best IT practices on working from home. Microsoft  Teams chat has been a game changer for both internal & external communication for the firm. This idea for  chat-based communication has been a huge step up for the corporate side of things  in order to communicate more effectively.  The next step  for improving effective communication remotely is to make sure all functionalities of the software are utilized by all members of the organization, and this is something that the IT team is currently working on.

One of the challenges faced at Joeris during the pandemic was  how to safely navigate job site access in order to do self-health screenings.  The team implemented a QR code at each job site to have employees fill out the health questionnaires. These questionnaires showcase just how committed Joeris  is to the safety and health of all of their employees.  This proactive approach taken by Joeris was implemented to help mitigate risks or problems before they happen. The adaptabilities implemented also highlight the firm’s creativity and flexibility to working under pressure and creating positive outcomes despite diversity.

Please reach out to the team at Joeris with questions about commercial construction and expansion opportunities! If you have questions about CMMC compliance or are searching for a co-managed IT solution, IronEdge Group is here to help.


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