In the digital landscape, every company, regardless of size, faces the risk of a cyberattack that can impact its operations, brand, reputation, and revenue. As cyberattacks continue to increase, businesses must invest in robust cybersecurity defenses to safeguard their bottom line. In this knowledge-packed webisode, we team up with our friends and cybersecurity experts at Solis Security to explore the critical aspects that can safeguard your business in 2024 and beyond. From email threats to embracing AI, tune in as we sit down with Solis’s Chris Loehr, EVP, CTO, and John Rucker, Channel Development Manager to discuss emerging threats, compliance and regulations, trends and predictions.

Discover key topics, including:

  • The power of MSPs and MSSPs for business defense
  • Compliance and regulations
  • Emerging threats, trends and predictions
  • End-of-year review and 2024 cybersecurity outlook

Get ready for an end-of-year review and a sneak peek into the cybersecurity outlook for 2024. Watch the full webisode and catch all the details right here!

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