“When we opened Bank of San Antonio, we needed reliable IT support and one of our clients referred us to IronEdge. We interviewed several managed services providers, and felt like IronEdge was the best fit. Many of us came from a larger bank setting and many of IronEdge’s recommended solutions reminded us of a help desk from a much bigger bank.

It’s been great working with IronEdge. When we open new branches, they blaze the way and make sure we have everything we need. They provide a turn-key solution and I know I don’t need to worry about the IT setup of the new location.

Prior to ManagedIRON, one of our largest IT concerns was keeping up with the latest and greatest in technology, and we don’t have to worry about that. The team at IronEdge keeps us abreast of emerging technologies and solutions that pertain to our industry.

IronEdge has been a great partner, and I recommend them to anyone needing a managed services provider.”

Brent Given | President and CEO, The Bank of San Antonio


The Bank of San Antonio opened its first location in June of 2007 with plans to open two to three additional branches within eighteen months. Starting from the ground up, the Bank of San Antonio needed an IT infrastructure that could interface with their core systems and support the expanding branches.


  • Co-location of Infrastructure to Secure Data Center – The main branch required reliable backup to support extended power outages. IronEdge recommended co-location of the bank’s infrastructure to a secure tier-1 data center. This data center ensures that all offices will continue running even if the main location goes down by providing battery backup, 24/7 air conditioning and a generator for extended power outages.

“By using the data center we can guarantee business continuity. If something happens, it won’t affect our clients. Since opening three months ago, we have had no problems. We are very happy with the site set-up!” ~ Brent Given, President of Bank of San Antonio

  • Space Planning – IronEdge provided recommendations and assisted in the space design of the main bank branch. IronEdge developed the entire infrastructure in a shell site while construction of the branch was in progress and then transferred everything to the new location when construction was complete.

“IronEdge’s involvement from the beginning allowed us to worry about one less thing. They worked with contractors to assist in optimum set-up of wiring, printers and audio visual systems.” ~ Brent Given

  • Ongoing IT Support Platform – With the Bank of San Antonio’s growth needs in mind, IronEdge planned for ongoing, remote IT support through the ManagedIRON platform. ManagedIRON specialists from IronEdge handle IT-related issues immediately and remotely, eliminating the need for an IT specialist to travel between branches.

“ManagedIRON provides great support through three easy options – we can phone, email or go on-line. They also assist in setting up new employees’ technology. This allows us to keep our employees working by always having their technology working.” ~ Brent Given


The Bank of San Antonio was created to serve San Antonio businesses. The diverse group of local business and community leaders who founded it envisioned a strong local bank committed to personal relationships and customer services that would be able to offer the products and technologies of a big national bank. On June 22, 2007, The Bank of San Antonio opened its doors and has been serving San Antonio ever since.

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