“In my 30 years in the industry, I’ve frequently outsourced at least a large portion of the IT department. When you hire full time IT employees, they simply don’t get enough experience to see what’s going on in the industry. You can’t beat the experience and depth that you get from hiring outside IT support. We used to handle all of our IT internally, and now IronEdge handles 100% of it.”


Our internal staff wasn’t really proactive enough in good, solid end user support – nothing ever seemed very urgent to them.


With ManagedIron, the guys typically know about and are addressing issues before I even know about them. They are constantly monitoring our systems and they update me before any one else in our building does. On the rare occasion that we have a crisis on our hands, IronEdge reacts as if it was their own business. There are very few that do what they do, and even fewer that are so proactive.

The IronEdge team members are not just hired consultants – they are my IT partners. They are highly integrated in a crucial part of our organization. I respect them for what they do and give them room to do what they think is best. Because of this partnership, problems are minimized. From the help desk guys here to the Project Managers, Senior Engineers and Partners, everyone is very professional. I never have a problem picking up the phone and getting a hold of someone. They are excellent communicators and they give me all the time I want, whether it’s directly work related or off topic.

I’ve worked with some really good IT groups over the years and some really bad ones, but IronEdge delivers everything they say they’re going to and more possibly for less money than they should. Of all my expenses, ManagedIron is probably where I see my best return on investment. I gauge this by how smoothly we are running. The cost of any downtime far exceeds the cost of the monthly check I write for the support.


In all the years I’ve worked with IT consultants, IronEdge is by far the best. I have recommended them to several other businesses because I know what a huge impact they can have on daily operations.

Larry Gates COO, Harper & Pearson
In this photo: Larry Gates
Client Since: 2007
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