Continuum Solutions is a recruiting firm founded in 2014 and led by some of the market’s best and talented ladies—Allison Vaughn & Carly Dugan. The company focuses on direct hire and contract placements to staff some of Houston’s fastest-growing organizations. Continuum partners with various companies using an industry agnostic technique which allows clients to run the gamut on company diversity, setting them apart from their competition. One of the best aspects of recruiting is finding the sweet spot of small to medium size businesses, which the ladies at Continuum find especially invigorating. This element of staffing a niche clientele is not only exciting, but it also brings unique and fun challenges to the team. Finding appropriate solutions to their clients’ needs allows for major growth and encompasses Continuum’s ability to find top tier talent at any level.

Business spotlight Continuum

Response to Covid-19

During the Covid pandemic, the ladies at Continuum have witnessed a very empathetic and collaborative side of humanity throughout the community, and it has been “one of the best sights to witness in the Houston market”. – Allison Vaughn This collaboration has allowed for the unique side of people to be showcased, and “it has been incredible to see people coming out to support small businesses in the market”. While actively extending kindness to others in their network it shows how small businesses have united. As everybody is seeking a way to support a small business in the market, Carly and Allison are grateful to be a part of their network and see so many are eager and willing to empower their peers.

Remote Recruiting Transformation

Pre Covid-19, Continuum noticed a strong push from the candidate market actively seeking out remote positions and a resistance from some companies to embrace this virtual/remote work environment. The outbreak has opened so many eyes to see the value in people working productively and effectively in a remote capacity. Over the past year, Continuum has witnessed many clients experiencing positive results from this forced situation allowing the perfect opportunity to staff individuals desiring to work remotely.

This shift has also changed the way that both Allison and Carly are able to communicate with candidates and the newfound remote workforce is seen as a positive change that allows them the opportunity to place more candidates no matter the geographical barriers. As 10 percent of the workforces are being shed it showcases how those committed are still given the opportunity to shine, while encouraging employees to put their best foot forward.

We are excited to partner with Continuum and are always excited for their involvement in the community!

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