Power BI Dashboard Creation for Marucci Sports

IronEdge Group Power BI for Marucci


Marucci Sports is a Baton Rouge based baseball and softball manufacturer that provides athletes with the equipment they need to be successful on the field. The company has been producing top quality bats for some of the biggest names in the sport since 2004. After seeing limitations in their Excel based analytics reports, the Marucci team wanted to see a high-level overview of their sales performance, inventory turnover and monitor their overall warehouse management. They needed a user-friendly reporting tool that would provide meaningful, transparent analytics for their executive team to review routinely.


To construct useful analytics reports for the Marucci team, IronEdge Group created Power BI dashboards that would benefit Marucci, their customers and provided a way to track accounts receivable aging and customer KPIs. To do this, IronEdge pulled multiple data sources from Marucci’s existing ERP and worked with their team to ensure all relevant data was captured in the Power BI dashboards. The IronEdge Business Intelligence team created inventory, warehouse shipping and packing logistics reports for Marucci to provide insight on their warehouse management system. As a finishing touch, IronEdge provided meaningful dashboards using Marucci’s brand colors—red, black and gray—for executives to use as default colors as they analyzed the reports. 

Results and Benefits:

Thanks to the responsiveness and continual feedback from the Marucci team, IronEdge was able to design dashboards to meet the exact specifications of the company. The IronEdge Business Intelligence team provided visuals that represented useful and important data for Marucci.

“We knew Power BI was out there and that you could create dashboards with it. With Power Bi, you can go the route of having your own IT team figure it out or hire a professional. We discovered IronEdge Group at a summit in Houston and that’s where our partnership began. Since then, it has been so easy. They have a clear understanding of where the data is coming from and how to present it in a useful way for executives. It’s been a joy working with them.” – Angela Deas Dunnahoe, Chief Information Officer

“IronEdge can take our ideas and words and morph them into visuals that we wouldn’t have been able to describe because we were so new at Power BI. We knew what we wanted to see but didn’t know how to describe it for Power BI. They were able to take that and provide visuals that were pleasing and exactly what we were looking for.” – Lauren Landry, Business Analyst

“Other companies have asked us about Power BI, how we did it and what we would do differently. We tell them, hands down, don’t do it yourself — here’s IronEdge. You need them. That’s my advice to people considering building a Power BI dashboard. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. You could spend two years doing something that experts could do in months.” – Angela Deas Dunnahoe, Chief Information Officer