In today’s marketplace, the ability to leverage data is critical to remaining competitive. Successfully implemented, Microsoft’s Power Platform can unleash a new level of efficiency and productivity in an organization.

Power BI

Data is powerful, but only when it can be delivered in a way that you and your team can understand. Power BI finally puts all of your data into your hands in a way that you and your team can use to gain a competitive advantage. With Power BI, you can bring your data to life with beautiful visualizations. You will also have access to the tools that allow you to explore your data, identify trends, and, most importantly, gain actionable insights that can change your business.

Decision making is made easier and more constructive when the relevant data is at your fingertips. With Power BI, you have the capability to instantly pull data from hundreds of sources and create stunning reports to guide your decisions. It also makes collaboration easier than ever as your team can collaborate and securely share data from anywhere on any device.

Power Apps and Power Automate

Power BI itself is only part of the story. With Power Apps and Power Automate, you don’t need to learn to code or rely on developers to find new ways to solve business problems. The intuitive point and click visual tools require no special skills or code.

Now you can expand your solutions and create your own business intelligence dashboards using ready-made templates. These templates can be effortlessly customized using simple to learn Excel-like formulas and expressions.

With Power Automate, you can relieve your team from much of the essential but burdensome work of processes and archival tasks while simultaneously ensuring consistency. Automate the heavy lifting of everyday tasks and let your team focus on the job at hand.

Don’t get left behind. Put your data to work for you and allow Microsoft’s Power Platform to give you the reporting and automation power you need to take your business to the next level.

For more information about how to implement and get the most out of Microsoft Power Platform with your organization, feel free to inquire about our Business Intelligence and Automation Services or get a Power BI Consultation.