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This cost-effective solution utilizes secure cloud technology for the extract, transformation and organization of data to provide user-centric data consumption at a fraction of what a typical BI investment would be. IronEdge has developed Analytics as a Service for mid-market organizations. Our goal is to provide the data analysis, curation and presentation services once only afforded by Enterprise organization to the mid-market.

Our approach provides monitoring and alerting for critical data systems and services in order to ensure proper data integrity. IronEdge utilizes secure cloud technology though Microsoft Azure for the extract, transformation and organization of data. By building secure data packs, dashboard and reports through Power BI, our team is able to provide user-centric data consumption at a fraction of what a typical BI investment would be for an organization.

Business Intelligence turns your data into insights and actions:

  • ADVANCED ANALYTICS - Deeper insights to make more accurate and better business decisions
  • IMPROVED DATA QUALITY - Tie together information in ways that would have been too expensive or difficult in the past
  • FASTER REPORTING - With self-service reporting, get immediate answers to your questions for better and faster decision making
  • MINIMIZE RISK - Ensure data integrity, security and quality associated with governance, regulatory and compliance needs
  • IMPROVED OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY - Save time and streamline operational performance from one source
  • 360 CUSTOMER VIEW - Understand customer behavior better to turn information into profit


Struggling to create an accurate budget for your IT assets(computers, servers etc.)? This report is an interactive visualization to quickly and easily create budgets and identify risks in your IT asset fleet. Click on the image to view interactive reports based on live data.


IronEdge Intelligence

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IronEdge integrates with the Microsoft Azure Data Factory, SQL Server, SSRS and Power BI.

Through Agile based project management, IronEdge Group provides functionality to our clients within 90 day cycles for their dashboards and reporting objectives. Our goal is to maintain momentum for the BI initiatives of our clients over time and continually provide visible results for their investment each quarter. IronEdge begins each engagement with a BI readiness assessment that is followed by a deep dive into data systems, stakeholder initiatives, business outcomes and departmental needs. IronEdge will provide a 12-month road-map for analytics services with clear objectives and deliverables each month culminating with a quarterly dashboard, report or action oriented data presentation.

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