This year tested how prepared all of us were for anything that came our way. The impact of COVID will likely cause organizations to face unique year-end considerations they typically would not. With the volume of legislative changes, the number of employees working remotely, and the 2020 Presidential election, it’s more critical than ever to understand how these changes will impact you. You’ve got to keep your eye on the ball!

In this webinar, the IronEdge team partnered with ATKG to walk you through how to adequately prepare for the end of the year and utilize technology to get you to 2021 successfully. New year, new you!


Webinar Resources

Meet the Panelists: ATKG

Trump vs. Biden: An Overview of 2020 Tax Platforms

SBA’s Website

The 4 Threats Facing Voters This Election


Paycheck Protection Program Tips from Allison Miller, CPA

  1. If you haven’t already, reach out to your banker to understand what their loan forgiveness process is like.
  2. Determine which PPP application you need to submit by reviewing the options on the SBA’s website.
  3. Know the important dates regarding your PPP loan: the disbursement date, the Covered Period, and the date that any loan payments would start if the loan is not forgiven.
  4. Talk to your CPA regarding the deductibility of expenses paid for with PPP forgiven funds to understand how it will affect your future tax bill.
  5. Start working on the loan application and gather the supporting documentation so you can submit it once you decide what timing works best for your business.