Users of Android mobile devices have plenty of great assets at their disposal, and the new functionality of Google Translate offers yet another reason to use the versatile mobile OS. Thanks to the Tap to Translate feature, Android users have a new way to translate text, and all it takes is the press of a button.

The primary reason that you would want to use this function is if you don’t want to continuously switch between apps. For example, it grows old if you have to copy text from Chrome, then exit the app, open Translate, paste the text in there, and translate it. With the new Tap to Translate feature, Android effectively cuts out the middle-man, allowing you to be more productive with your time.

This new Tap to Translate feature works on any Android smartphone or tablet running versions Jelly Bean or later, and supports all 130 languages that Google Translate normally features. This is particularly useful if your organization deals with any communication with foreign companies, or if you run into some strange string of text that you’re curious about.

In other Translate-related news, Google Translate’s offline mode has also been improved. Google Translate’s offline mode works by downloading language packs to your device, which will be used in the event that your phone can’t find an Internet connection. Until recently, these files would take up hundreds of megabytes in storage, but they now only take up around 25MB. This same offline mode works on iOS in addition to Android.

If you want to see Google Translate’s new Tap to Translate feature in action, you can watch Google’s official video here.

Google Translate’s new mobile features are just a few examples of how mobile technology has made it easier than ever to communicate over the Internet. There are plenty of other communications solutions on the market that are designed to maximize your business’s ability to maintain operations while on the move. In particular, a mobile device management solution can be used to ensure that your team’s mobile devices don’t accidentally give away sensitive corporate information. Plus, considering how many hackers are based in foreign countries like China or Russia, you might be able to dodge an attack simply by being able to translate the text before clicking a link.

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