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Dont Take Our Word For IT

IronEdge excels with complex, multi-site clients that value IT.  We also help our financial, retail and other high-growth / high-touch customers solve their governance risk and compliance (GRC) requirements as well.  We give clients an EDGE by managing their technology experience.

Larry Gates, COO, Harper Pearson

"In my 30 years in the industry, I've frequently outsourced at least a large portion of the IT department. When you hire full time IT employees, they simply don't get enough experience to see what's going on in the industry. You can't beat the experience and depth that you get from hiring outside IT support. We used to handle all of our IT internally, and now IronEdge handles 100% of it."

Houston Fuel Oil Terminal Company

"I heard about IronEdge from the owner of another business. We handle a lot of our IT internally, but we needed good, knowledgeable IT technicians to help with our major projects. We couldn't find anyone to support us that really knew what they were doing."

Ivan Shulman, Executive Vice President, Global Traffic Network

"We originally had an internal IT department. As our IT needs grew, some aspects were out of our realm. I've known Vance for about 20 years, so I had a pretty good understanding of what IronEdge offers their clients. So, when I reviewed our internal IT expenses, I knew we could get better service for less money."

Brent Given, President and CEO, The Bank of San Antonio

"When we opened Bank of San Antonio, we needed reliable IT support and one of our clients referred us to IronEdge. We interviewed several managed services providers, and felt like IronEdge was the best fit. Many of us came from a larger bank setting and many of IronEdge's recommended solutions reminded us of a help desk from a much bigger bank."

"When we open new locations, IronEdge blazes the way and makes sure we have everything we need. I know I don’t need to worry about the IT setup."

Brent Given, The Bank of San Antonio

"The IronEdge team members are not just hired consultants – they are my IT partners."

Larry Gates, Harper Pearson

"They were completely willing to work as long and hard as they needed to, and they did a great job. IronEdge’s focus was to make sure that everything was set up and working the way we wanted."

Mickey Franko, Houston Fuel Oil Terminal Company

"When I reviewed our IT expenses, I knew we could get better service for less money by outsourcing our IT support."

Ivan Shulman, Global Traffic Network

"Their specialists work well with our team and have a strong commitment to excellence."

Alyssa Torres, South Texas Money Management

"If you don’t want to be irritated by your IT, IronEdge is your solution. They’ve helped us to be able to work anywhere on the planet and everything just works."

Katherine Mize, Mize PC

"IronEdge goes above any beyond and help us keep up with new technology."

Ashley Forbes, Federal Maintenance Services

"IronEdge gave us the edge by getting us on track with our technologies to be competitive in our market."

Angela Cardwell, Joeris General Contractors

"IronEdge designed our network infrastructure and process to streamline our new venues so we are able to fix anything at any location. "

Mikey Trafton, Alamo Draft House Cinemas

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