b2ap3_thumbnail_eureka_moments_400.jpgDo you get some of your best ideas somewhere other than at your desk? Ever get a brilliant game-changing idea while walking the dog, driving home from work, when out at a restaurant, or even in the shower? If you do, then you’ve experienced the frustration of forgetting your life-changing idea before you get a chance to write it down.

Just like that, your million-dollar idea is gone. It’s so easy to lose valuable information that it’s scary. It’s in forgetful times like this when you sure do regret not enrolling in the Dickson Memory School, because apparently, “Stop Forgetting” is the “Key to Success.”

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Your company’s data works the same way. If your computer guy told you that you need to replace your client database, or rebuild your business plan, you’d want to ring his neck, and for good reason. That information is irreplaceable. Yet, we see local businesses that are operating without a tested backup solution all the time.

As an IT company, seeing this makes us crazy, and we hope it’s keeping business owners up at night that aren’t backing up their data.

Data backup doesn’t have to be a luxury that only larger businesses have. It’s a necessity for anyone that takes their data seriously. Our Backup and Disaster Recovery solution, BackupIRON, takes automated backups of your data as frequently as every fifteen minutes, and stores the data securely off site to protect you from every type of disaster, ranging from hard drive failure, to user error, to natural disasters like floods or fires.

The BackupIRON Enterprise solution is designed to keep you from experiencing downtime as well. If your server goes down, BackupIRON can assume the role of your server while repairs are made, and even makes it much faster for technicians to restore your server in the event it needs replacing.

Don’t lose another irreplaceable idea, and don’t experience another sleepless night worrying about your data. Reach out to Iron Edge at 832-910-9222 to talk about the best solutions available for your business, and your budget.

And like Professor Henry Dickson says, “Make your mind a file–not a pile.”

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