Go to any neighborhood pool and inform the children swimming that you are starting a swim team and ask them “who is the fastest swimmer?”, all of their hands will go up. Then, tell the children that what you are really looking is the “strongest swimmer”, all of their hands will remain up. The point I am trying to make is that because every kid will claim to be the fastest or the strongest you would be left to decide based on what you believe would build you the best swim team. Suppose you know nothing about building a swim team, naturally you would look for certain characteristics to make the decision (height, length of limbs, muscle tone, etc.). Even though the kids who fit your criteria may be the worst swimmers in the pool.

In this example the pool represents the I.T. Outsourcing or Managed Services market and the swimmers are the competing companies. So how do you make the right decision?

The I.T. Outsourcing market is highly competitive, where every company is like the swimmers claiming to be the best at everything. Leaving a business to look for their defining characteristic, which in this economy almost always leads back to price. If you were driving a high end luxury vehicle (Mercedes S-Class, BMW 7 series, etc.) would you take that vehicle to Jiffy Lube for service? Most likely the answer is no, because you’d value the expertise of the dealership when it came to servicing your high end vehicle. Your business is more than a high end vehicle, it is your most valuable asset and who you select to service your business should offer more than just good pricing. Unfortunately, there is so much noise (picture the kids saying “me, me, me, me”) in the I.T. Outsourcing market these days that inevitably a busy person will fall back on price.

When cost is the determining factor, you end up sacrificing the performance of your 7 series (the business) by being serviced by Jiffy Lube (lowest cost). 

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