b2ap3_thumbnail_protect_yourself_against_viruses_400.jpgIt’s flu season, and just like office workers around the country are taking preventive health measures like stocking up on tissues and vitamin C, so too are I.T. technicians doing everything they can to stop the spread of computer viruses on their company’s network. Although, unlike the flu, computer viruses are more than a seasonal threat.

When the flu virus spreads, it’s usually due to the carrier doing something stupid, like forgetting to wash their hands after a sneeze. Concerning cybersecurity, the best way to avoid infection is to stay vigilant with all preventative measures and not do something stupid, like downloading suspicious files from spam emails.

When the flu virus hits your office, it spreads from employee to employee. Infected workers then have to call in sick and normal business operations are disrupted. In the same way, a computer virus can spread from workstation to workstation and cripple your daily operations. Malware of all kinds can be used to control your PC, destroy files on your network, steal valuable data and information, or even encrypt your files and force you to pay money for their safe recovery. Whatever malware and computer viruses try to extort from you, you can bet that it’s not something you want to deal with.

Taking a preventive approach is the best way to keep your office safe from both the flu and computer viruses. The best way to combat modern technology threats is by keeping them out of your system by any means necessary. Once a virus infects your computer, it can cause all sorts of havoc before being brought down.

One preventative solution to this dilemma is to implement a Unified Threat Management device (UTM) from Iron Edge. Composed of a powerful firewall solution, antivirus, web content filtering, and spam blocking technology, a UTM is engineered to protect your business’s network from the many dangers that lurk in the germy gutters of the Internet. The firewall prevents threats from getting into your system, while antivirus and anti-spam measures are taken to eradicate threats the second they set foot inside your network, making it an ideal choice for any business owner concerned for the safety of their company’s data.

It’s important for your team to remember proper safety best practices. All it takes is just one employee to let a threat inside of your network, so it’s important to make sure they understand how to keep themselves safe while online, for the sake of the company’s health.

You don’t want a virus infection to turn into a full-fledged epidemic. Give the technical paramedics at Iron Edge a call today at 832-910-9222 to integrate powerful security measures for your business.

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