As more and more of our critical business applications move to the cloud the network has never been more critical. Whether working remotely or commuting to the office, every business wants to maintain a reliable and secure network connection for daily applications. Interested in reliable, secure performance for latency-sensitive, mission-critical applications like VoIP, Salesforce, Office365, cloud-based point-of-sale, and other SaaS-based applications without having to rely only on expensive MPLS links between your networked sites? In this webinar, Andrew and Patrick give you the run down on perimeter security, the benefits of Meraki SD WAN and why it’s critical for organizations today.


Digital transformation and migrating to the cloud should be on everyone’s radar, as businesses continue to combat limitations brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. When organizations take the time to transform how they work, they’ll be more successful in a remote or hybrid capacity. Use technology to digitize your business!