The communication world has never quite been the same since Microsoft Teams launched in March 2017. When it comes to online communication, secure collaboration and work productivity, Microsoft Team has it all. As part of the Microsoft 365 suite, Teams allows users to store files, chat, videoconference, set online statuses and much more. Microsoft Teams is an integral part the IronEdge workflow—helping connect teammates in different cities and across departments. After thoroughly immersing ourselves in the platform for over a year and a half, there are a handful of features we’ve come to love—some are practical and some are just for fun. Here are the top features our team has come to love.

Most Loved Teams Features

  1. Together Mode — when you’re missing the feeling of being under the same roof , Together Mode lets you place teammates in the same shared background. It’s perfect for group photos too!
  2. Video Conferencing, Calls and Teams Phone — saves commute time, travel expenses and allows you to connect anywhere there’s reliable internet.
  3. Create a New Meeting — with just one click on the Teams calendar, you’re ready to set up a new meeting.
  4. Ability to Search Past Conversations — access details on demand within chat.
  5. Easily Transfer a Teams Meeting Between Devices — perfect for when you’re on the go and want to transition from your phone to your desktop.
  6. File Storage — Microsoft SharePoint is readily available under the “Files” tab for team members to access.
  7. Captions and Transcripts — allows you to turn on live captions in English while you’re in a meeting to capture each conversation. Live transcription records what’s spoken and is available during and after your meeting concludes.
  8. Music Feature — a fun way to liven up presentations with audio clips, this feature also lets you share your computer audio with others in your meeting.
  9. Mute Function — ready to go when your environment is full of noise.
  10. Status Messages — let your team know when you’re out of office or meeting with a client with a customized status message that will appear when others try to reach you.
  11. Posting GIFs, Stickers, Custom Memes and Emojis in Chat — express your thoughts virtually or add amusement to meetings—perfect for remote work and adding comic relief to daily gatherings. Simply pick your favorite expression from the gallery below the message box in your chat.
  12. Chat and Pinning Conversations — provides quick communication and access to your most frequently visited chats.

From scheduling meetings to humoring teammates with emoji’s, there are numerous benefits packed into this cloud-based productivity tool. As IronEdge continues to embrace a hybrid work model, we’ve come to appreciate the flexibility this platform offers our team and clients alike. What’s your favorite feature?

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