Bold assertion I know, how could something like the internet be hurting your business? This isn’t one of those “employers lose X amount of hours of productivity due to the internet” post. That story has been well documented and written about, this is about how the use of the internet hurts your business when it comes to solving challenges and pains.

There is no shortage of information on the internet about what might be ailing you. Think about how we use the internet to understand potential physical ailments, WebMD. We are now able self-diagnose our own symptoms and based on the results, we determine what our next steps are. Most likely the next steps do not involve going to the doctor (assuming the results are not potentially life-threatening or altering).

The dangerous aspect of using the cost-effective and convenient self-diagnosis method is that we may miss or ignore something serious. Business pains are now being diagnosed in the same manner where we pillage the internet for information to solve what we believe is ailing our businesses. Nowhere is this more widely adopted than when it comes to evaluating I.T. solutions for a business pain.

I.T. is a science almost as complicated as the medical field but the explosion of “I.T. solutions” over the last 5-7 years has created a sea of noise. Businesses are now being bombarded with so much noise they tune out the information and go down the self-diagnosis route. Just as with WebMD the convenience of that method of pain identification and solving comes with the real risk you missed something vital to the cure for your pain.

Of course not every pain requires diagnosis by a trained professional, but the more time you spend self-diagnosing the more likely it is you need a trained professional. 

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