Is Your Email Working Against You?

In many cases, if email is not set up or monitored appropriately, it can end up causing more problems than convenience. If you or your employees are wasting valuable time dealing with unwanted emails, experiencing down time because of viruses or spam, or missing important emails due to an unreliable server, EmailEDGE is the solution you need.

Unique and Reliable Anti-Spam Filter

By industry estimates, people spend over an hour a month deleting unwanted email. Unlike other spam blockers that filter based on “trigger” words, our filters scan by complex phrases and pattern matching. As a result, EmailEDGE is ideal for any business, including financial, medical and legal organizations. With the initial default settings, EmailEDGE will block 99% of spam and the false-positive rate will be less than 1 in 100,000 (i.e. 99.999% of legitimate email will pass).


Multi-Point Anti-Virus Scanner

Email is one of the main sources of viruses, and the number of viruses increases daily. Reduce the chance your company will be infected with a costly virus. Unlike most spam filters, EmailEDGE includes anti-virus scanning. All email attachments are scanned for viruses multiple times, and infected attachments are removed.

Increased Email Reliability

Servers can fail for many reasons and emails can be lost in transit. In the event your mail server is off-line due to power failure, system crash, routine maintenance, a fiber cut, or any other reason, EmailEDGE stores your email messages on multiple redundant and geographically diverse servers. When your mail server is back online, you automatically receive the stored emails.

EmailEDGE is an Affordable Solution to Prevent Spam and Viruses

EmailEDGE blocks 99% of spam, viruses, malware and other email-borne threats with industry-leading low false-positive rates. Setup is quick, easy and affordable, starting at only $20 per month.


  • Requires no hardware or software to purchase or install
  • Successfully blocks 99% of spam while allowing 99.999% of legitimate email to pass
  • Real-time filtering means no email delays
  • Expert blocking of offensive images and Phishing scams
  • Increases your internet bandwidth by reducing unwanted email
  • Provides increased reliability by storing your emails on multiple remote servers for 5 days

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