Data is one of the things in business that you collect naturally and can benefit from, but do you have a system in place that lets you collect and store it for future use? Considering how vital data collection is to the success of any organization, it’s reasonable to suggest that data storage can be a valuable investment for your business’s long-term futures and goals.

Here are some of the most important pieces of data that your organization will collect. While your business might focus on a specific industry, keep in mind that certain information can be collected and used across industries, making it incredibly valuable regardless of your business’s specialization.

Client Data
Where would your business be if not for the patronage of various clientele? The people who buy your product or service will generally provide various types of information to your organization, which you can then store for later access should you lose it. Information that you will want to save for future communications with clients include email addresses, mailing addresses, and phone numbers. This is all vital to keeping communications open should you encounter a situation where it’s impossible to keep in touch with your clients.

Vendor Information
Just like with your clients, you want your vendor communications and contacts to be stored somewhere in the event that these records are lost. Vendors are any organization whose services or products you depend on in order to facilitate operations. On the IT side of things, this could be a software developer or a hardware distributor. On the utilities side, you might have your Internet service provider, electric provider, air conditioning/heating, or otherwise. Your vendor information can constitute anything that allows your office to be an environment where work can be fulfilled. You will want to make sure that this information is available in the event a disaster strikes.

Big Data
Big data is a concept of analyzing congregated data sets to reveal trends and associations within the data set. Any data that can be collected and stored with the intention of using it for your business’s future can, and likely should be analyzed. This includes extrapolating associations from data in a way that you can utilize it to shift business strategies or alter operational priorities. Big data analytics is often used to help a business set initiatives and eliminate wasted time and resources.

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