Entelligence LLC is a premier IT consulting services company that serves North America from their Houston headquarters. Founded in 1997, the company helps the industry’s leading enterprise IT vendors, such as AWS, Google Cloud and VMware, deliver their most advanced solutions to their most important Fortune 500 and public sector customers. With a focus on the leading edge cloud technology and a passion for cultivating the talent who deliver it, Entelligence builds strategic consulting capabilities needed by IT vendor’s professional services organizations to support their long-term growth, while providing consulting services and staff for their most immediate client projects.

CFO Tammy Zgabay is excited to be involved with the operational side of the business. Her enthusiasm and dedication to her company make her an outstanding client of ours and who we are super excited to spotlight this holiday season!

We had the opportunity to sit down with Tammy Zagbay who joined the company in May of 2018. Upon joining she was tasked with finding a new IT services provider and we are elated that she chose us to manage the firm’s day to day IT needs. As Chief Financial Officer of a small but fast growing company, Tammy wears many hats in terms of operations. She feels fortunate that Entelligence provides the opportunity to pay her success forward which she views similarly as in investment. Tammy diligently invests her time to ensure that the outstanding people that work for her reach their goals and full potential whether it be inside or outside the office. This supportive culture and the people she shares it with are Tammy’s favorite aspects of being on the job.


Culture is the driving force at Entelligence and they are proud to follow six core values:

Trust and Respect, Passion, Accountability, Positivity, Responsiveness and Transparency

These core values shape the company culture, and are kept top of mind in order to drive overall team success while helping individuals focus positively on their contributions to the business.

Tammy is proud to work for a company driven by elevating both the professional and personal lives of its employees. The focus on professional growth and personal goals has led to a tight knit culture – a key factor that drove them to partner with IronEdge and we are so happy they choose us!


Still in the learning process of working remotely, the work from home order came as a shock to the company in terms of staying connected and keeping its culture alive. It has been a challenge for Tammy and her team, but they have risen to the occasion to ensure everyone feels included and connected as a workforce.

Not much has changed as far as the day to day tasks are concerned. However, like many organizations, Entelligence now relies heavily on virtual meetings and video calls, email and instant messaging to stay connected with customers and productive as a team. So while the softer aspect of business has shifted, day-to-day operations remain the same and are still being executed successfully.

Entelligence expects to continue remote working into the next year as they remaining cautious and put the health of their employees first. Tammy and her team plan to implement periodic in-person meetings when the world begins its return to some level of normalcy.  In spite of the challenges, she’s proud of the way the company has handled the pandemic.

Reach out to Tammy and her team if you have questions about her company.