2016 topicsCIOs and IT managers understand how quickly their roles can evolve. With the rate that technology changes, things that are a major priority or concern in one year could be completely different the next. Here’s a look at some of the topics that CIOs are discussing in 2016.

Cyber Extortion and Ransomware – There has been an increase in recent months of cyber attacks on the enterprise. Despite having the capital to spend on network security, ransomware attacks are 3x more likely to target office-orientated applications of enterprises as opposed to consumer attacks. The average enterprise is more likely to pay a ransom without asking questions.

Corporate Espionage Growth – Despite its growing popularity, the majority of corporate espionage victims do not report the incident. So many businesses have swept these attacks under the rug that the FBI has launched a campaign encouraging business to come forward with their reports of espionage. Ignoring the problem is going to be detrimental to the enterprise in the long run, as the popularity of the Internet of Things means that hackers now have even more potential targets attacking your network.

Malicious Applications -These days, making an application is easier than ever. Both the Android Google Play Store and Apple App Store have made submitting and distributing privately created applications easier than ever, including malicious ones. What is scary from an IT management perspective is that, these applications on employees devices can be the Trojan Horse on your network.

Touchless Payment Options – More and more, touchless payment applications, like Apple Pay and Google Pay, are becoming commonplace to see as acceptable forms of payment. Before your enterprise hops on the touchless payment bandwagon, consider that as the popularly of mobile pay platform rises, so will the cybercrime aimed at these payment platforms. Right now, there is a relatively small amount of attacks on mobile payments, but that will change as more money flows through these applications.

Machine Learning Advances – Machine Learning has arrived. While we’re still not to the point where Skynet or the Matrix are legitimate concerns, machine learning has begun to use predictive algorithms, security analytics and anomaly detection to discover and respond to new cyber security threats in a network. Computers are able to use network security data to better understand and predict threats to a network. This results in a reduction of human security analyst resources over the next few years.

As always, security is usually the raw topic of CIO chatter, but in today’s world it has to be. Let us know if we left anything out!

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