At IronEdge, we live and breathe Microsoft Teams. It’s the life pulse that keeps communication up and running, projects progressing forward, department files organized and bolsters a collaborative team environment. Did you know Microsoft developed a feature to enable voice calling in Microsoft Teams? If you’re already using this incredible communications and messaging tool or considering using it in the future, come along and explore the calling features and benefits that make this modern cloud phone stand out among the competition.

What is Calling for Microsoft Teams?

Calling for Microsoft Teams is a VoIP or cloud-based phone system that allows users to make and receive calls within Microsoft Teams. If you already have a Microsoft 365 subscription, Calling for Microsoft Teams is enabled and ready to communicate from one Teams client to another. For advanced calling options, Microsoft 365 Business Voice and Microsoft 365 E5 plans are available to add on to your Microsoft Office 365 plan, allowing users to call to and from landlines and cell phones on the public switched telephone network.

Benefits of using Microsoft Teams Cloud Phone for Business

The benefits that come with using Calling for Microsoft Teams lie in the array of features available to users. From secure, high-quality voice calls to reliable video collaboration and everything in between—there are many benefits to reap from Calling for Microsoft Teams. The cloud-based system gives employees flexibility to access calls anywhere there’s internet and provides a great fit for those working in remote and on-site environments. Calling for Microsoft Teams encourages team collaboration through its reliable call connectivity and easily managed cloud phone calls that help employees stay productive in the workplace. Video, calling and chat features are just a click away with Microsoft Teams’ fully integrated calling features. The app makes managing calling features simple so users can make modifications within the Teams app. Want to forward calls to voicemail? Simply select the desired option by clicking settings under your user profile icon within the app. Calling for Microsoft Teams makes it easy to replace your business phone system with an all-in-one app experience. For small to medium-sized businesses wanting to make, receive and transfer phone calls from landlines and cell phones, Microsoft 365 Business Voice offers the perfect solution.

Top features:

  1. Auto Attendant: Answer incoming calls and forward them to other user extensions directly. Users have several choices to choose from when routing calls including by time zone, language and availability.
  2. Call Queues: Provide customized greetings or play music for callers waiting on hold in a queue.
  3. Audio Conferencing: Add flexibility to meetings by enabling users to call in to meetings via their phone using a dial-in number that’s included in every online meeting.
  4. Group Call Pick Up: Allows individuals to answer calls within their group or in other groups easily.
  5. Call Park: Users can park a phone call for another user to answer when entering their code.
  6. Cloud Voicemail with Transcription: Enables voicemail transcription anywhere and from any device, allowing users to be completely hands-free.

Throughout the workday, we are constantly in the flow of communication—through phone calls, online messages, video calls and meetings. Today, all these different methods of communication reside in a single app. Whether working remotely or onsite, collaborative communication is at your fingertips. Calling for Microsoft Teams answers the call for unified communication and reliable collaboration in today’s hybrid work environment.

The secret to great business success is great communication. IronEdge believes everyone deserves great experiences with their technology. We’re here to answer your questions and support your communication needs every step of the way with our cloud-based service solutions and secure remote productivity tools.

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