If your company is planning an expansion or relocation, minimize disruption to your business and ensure a seamless transition of your infrastructure with IronEdge’s ManagedMOVE Solution. With IronEdge in your corner, you can worry about your business instead of your move. Not only can relocation be done painlessly, but it can also be an opportunity to design an IT infrastructure that suits your growing business more completely than before.


ManagedMOVE Benefits

  • Avoid embarrassing business delays and expensive cost overrun when opening new facilities or sites.
  • The IronEdge team of infrastructure and facility experts ensures a successful migration of mission critical services and technology deployment.
  • We provide a single communications conduit and complete vendor project management for your move.


Max Productivity

  • Your employees will be productive the minute they walk into the new office.
  • Internet is functioning, phones are up and security is in place upon arrival.
  • We manage electrical and audio-visual to make sure conference rooms work when you walk through the door.

Move Smarter with the ManagedMOVE Solution


Your move starts by identifying your business drivers. This will enable our team to define short and long-term goals as well as define roles and responsibilities in the moving process. Our ManagedMove experts will ensure that your new site is physically ready for your business, so you and your team are productive the minute you walk through the doors of your new space. During this phase, we will focus on:

  • Business Needs Evaluation
  • Current Infrastructure Audit
  • New Site Evaluation



ManagedMOVE will develop a plan that fully encompasses your technology needs. IronEdge Group acts as a neutral party to determine what telecom, network cabling, security and other vendors will best meet your overall business needs. We will provide a comprehensive analysis to guide your business through the following:

  • Technology Solution Design
  • Vendor Neutral Bid Services
  • Solution Architecture Review



IronEdge Group will coordinate with the site architect, contractors, designated vendors and prepare the new space for its network and system relocation. You and your team can rest easy knowing that every specification for your technology requirements aligns with your timeline and budget. Our team will hone in on the items below in this stage:

  • Vendor Installation Management
  • IT System Deployment
  • On-site Support for First Day
  • Scheduling


…And everything just works? You can return to a fully functioning office. Our technicians will be onsite to assist users with any problems that could arise. You can be painlessly relocated with a limited loss of productivity. Visit ieg.io/move for more info!