Infrastructure Design and Deployment
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Expert Planning and Deployment of IT Systems

To maximize your organization’s ability to conduct business efficiently, your infrastructure has to meet the needs of every single user that relies on it. To this end, the knowledgeable technology consultants at IronEdge present computing solutions that solve the workflow, storage, or security problems that your organization faces.

IronEdge’s consultants have expertise in designing powerful computing infrastructures and our technicians are proficient in the integration of technology solutions that supplement or shift your organization's computing strategy. We offer solutions that meet any market’s specialized computing needs, including solutions that provide the security and reporting capabilities many organizations seek to meet their regulatory requirements.

Networking Systems

We provide mid-market and enterprise-level businesses with experience-based resources specializing in the design and deployment of powerful networking solutions. For any organization that has begun to strategize about their future technology needs, they often search for assistance translating their vision into reality. Our consultants use their vast knowledge of industry best practices to design the perfect network for any organization’s needs; presenting businesses with powerful custom networking solutions.

Server Systems

IronEdge can custom design server solutions to meet the demands of your business. No two business computing environments are identical. As a result, many factors need to be considered when designing the right server environment, including:

  • Applications that are to be deployed
  • Strategic distribution of servers deploying a particular application
  • Density of user access to application server
  • Breadth of the environment's user base
  • Storage and deployment requirements

For the business that has multiple locations to consider, the deployment of computing resources can limit the true effectiveness of your computing environment. To design and deploy effective and reliable server systems, IronEdge consultants consider the scale of the necessary computing environments and the diversity of data these environments utilize.

At IronEdge, we have developed and implemented optimized computing solutions for organizations that rely heavily on their data. The experience of creating enterprise-level server systems, provides our technicians the expertise to assist any organization concoct a solution that meets your requirements.


IronEdge provides enterprise-level virtualization services designed to provide increased server utilization, improved performance, and a reduction in downtime to organizations that virtualize parts or all of their IT infrastructure. Our consultants assess the state of your current information systems and develop a virtualization strategy that allows your organization to leverage scalable computing resources properly.

Businesses often assign certain applications to specific servers. This strategy wastes resources that could be used to benefit the organization. With IronEdge’s virtualization consultants on your team, you can do the following:

  • Work with experienced virtualization experts
  • Deliver additional computing resources
  • Reduce IT and data center costs
  • Improve resource agility
  • Simplify management of systems

With our virtualization services and support, any organization can reduce IT costs and enhance the availability of their computing resources.

For more information about our Infrastructure Design and Deployment services, call us today at 800-987-4766 or fill out our CONTACT US form.

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      Questions about Infrastructure Design and Deployment?

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