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Business Intelligence And Analytics

IronEdge gives businesses the benefits of a full, end-to-end business intelligence(BI) solution but with the ease and simplicity of deployment associated with the cloud. 

This cost-effective solution utilizes secure cloud technology for the extract, transformation and organization of data to provide user-centric data consumption at a fraction of what a typical BI investment would be. IronEdge has developed Analytics as a Service for mid-market organizations. Our goal is to provide the data analysis, curation and presentation services once only afforded by Enterprise organization to the mid-market. Our approach provides monitoring and alerting for critical data systems and services in order to ensure proper data integrity. IronEdge utilizes secure cloud technology though Microsoft Azure for the extract, transformation and organization of data. By building secure data packs, dashboard and reports through Power BI, our team is able to provide user-centric data consumption at a fraction of what a typical BI investment would be for an organization.

Managed IT Services and Support

Prevent IT issues and get IT support whenever you need it

As a decision maker, your team would perform better, move faster, and get more done if all of the time-consuming, daily tasks were covered for you. At IronEdge, we offer a number of professional IT services that work to leverage your IT into higher-degrees of productivity.

Our offering centers around the expertise of our technicians. Our certified and experienced IT professionals know that it takes a careful, conscientious approach to ensure that any organization’s crucial technology systems run efficiently.

IT Infrastructure Design Services

Expert Planning and Deployment of IT Systems

To maximize your organization’s ability to conduct business efficiently, your infrastructure has to meet the needs of every single user that relies on it. To this end, the knowledgeable technology consultants at IronEdge present computing solutions that solve the workflow, storage, or security problems that your organization faces.

IronEdge’s consultants have expertise in designing powerful computing infrastructures and our technicians are proficient in the integration of technology solutions that supplement or shift your organization's computing strategy. We offer solutions that meet any market’s specialized computing needs, including solutions that provide the security and reporting capabilities many organizations seek to meet their regulatory requirements.

Co Managed IT Services and IT Support

Let your Techs focus on important initiatives by outsourcing some of your IT

As you grow, your IT needs grow as well. This means the need for more support, internal projects, and maintenance to keep your tech running smoothly. Instead of hiring additional internal staff, businesses rely on IronEdge. We’re not here to compete with your current IT staff, but to supplement your existing IT department and fill any gaps.

Not only do we deliver our people - we bring in our experience, our processes, and our enterprise-level tools to establish an extremely intimate relationship with your organization.

Information Technology Security and Compliance Services For Business

IT Security Designed to Meet Regulatory Compliance Standards

IT security is a line item on every executive’s IT checklist. At IronEdge, we conduct comprehensive security assessments of the entire IT infrastructure and consider solutions to eliminate risk. Our solutions have been developed and tested to prevent downtime, data theft, intrusion, and an array of other threats that could potentially devistate your organization's productivity.
Our knowledgable consultants are versed in every industry complaince standard, and the best practices to ensure your company remains protected.

Cloud Based Services For Business

Significantly Reduce Operational Expenses By Moving To The Cloud

With cloud computing, your company can now purchase the computing resources it needs; providing greater mobility, flexibility, and resource utilization than your organization would see through traditional computing methods. At IronEdge, our experienced consultants know that there isn’t one cloud solution that fits every need. As a result, we provide comprehensive cloud consulting designed to direct your organization toward the most powerful hosted solutions from vendors such as Microsoft, Google, and more. We offer access to private, public, and hybrid cloud offerings to meet the mission-critical computing needs of your organization.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Maintain essential operations even in the worst of disasters

Anything from the most benign situation to a natural disaster can interrupt the continuity of an organization’s operations. For this distinct purpose, many organizations have put a business continuity plan in place to circumvent many of the negative issues that result from operational interruptions. At IronEdge, our consultants can provide your organization with the knowledge base, technical experience, and solutions necessary to put a thorough continuity or return-to-operations plan in place.

Network Monitoring and Proactive Maintenance

Detect and Prevent Network Issues Before They Affect Operations

It takes more than hardware and software to build a resilient and reliable IT infrastructure. You need to perform regular maintenance, keep software patches updated, monitor logs, and actively manage the various devices on the network in order to keep your business running smoothly.

IronEdge can supplement your IT staff so they can focus on driving your company forward. We handle all of the day-to-day maintenance, monitoring, security updates, and other tasks that are constantly pulling your team off track.

Business Productivity and Collaboration Tools

IT solutions to gain mobility and improve communications

Keeping your users productive and on the same page is critical for growing businesses. Solutions need to be scalable for continued growth, adaptable for evolving needs, and implemented quickly before the end-user piecemeals their own makeshift solution that can break the system entirely.

IronEdge has user productivity solutions that align an organization’s technology with its need for efficiency. With enhancements in mobility leading the business landscape, our expert technicians are able to leverage technology to advance your users’ productivity.

Contact us to discuss your technology needs.
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