b2ap3_thumbnail_email_security_and_productivity_400.jpgWe’re all hooked on our email. It has revolutionized the way businesses communicate, and in many cases, it can be a major distraction. If you’re a small business trying to manage your own Exchange server, you’re probably aware of how much a headache email can be. Do you really have time to host and manage your own email solution?

microsoft exchange 2013Outsourced Email Hosting Improves Efficiency
The best way around this is to pass it off and let someone else deal with your mail server. Let someone that works with Exchange every single day host your email so you can just focus on the messages, not the complex technology behind it.

This is the driving idea behind all of our outsourced I.T. services. At Iron Edge, we remotely handle the day-to-day maintenances and management of mission-critical I.T. services so that you can focus on the mission of your business. With Iron Edge hosting your email, you will access your inbox with confidence thanks to your messages being there when you need them the most.

Strong Spam Filters Increases Network Security
When it comes to implementing a successful enterprise-level email solution, there’s more to it than ensuring that your email hosting bases are covered. It’s equally important that you’re taking proper precautions to cover the security of your company’s email. We mentioned before how email can be a major distraction to productivity, but it can also threaten the security of your staff. More than 60 percent of all email is spam, which gets in the way and causes legitimate messages to get lost in the flood of email.

Additionally, spam is notorious for having attachments that contain some of the worst viruses and malware on the web. Out of the tsunami of spam hitting the inbox of every one of your employees, all it takes is one malicious message to make it through your security filter and sink your entire network. That’s why we deploy an enterprise-level anti-spam solution that prevents junk mail and email attacks from hitting your inbox.

We can also work with your company if you need to meet specialized regulatory standards for your industry. That’s why small businesses throughout Texas trust us as their technology experts. Let us help your business, too. Give us a call at 832-910-9222. We look forward to working with you.