Much like other instances of armored defense, cybersecurity for your company is all about the layers of security. Each layer protects against a different form of cyber threat and, summed as a whole, maximizes your protection. Implement these layers and you’ll be in good shape to mitigating your cybersecurity risks.

Cybersecurity comes in several layers:

  • User Training
  • Content Filtering
  • Security Patching
  • Antivirus
  • Antimalware

User Training – Your First Line of Defense

Many companies don’t realize that 43% of cyber breaches are caused by internal actors. Cyber Security Awareness Training helps your employees spot phishing and other types of social engineering – methods used by savvy cyber criminals.

Content Filtering – Steer Clear of Known Threats

Content filtering denies employees from accessing potentially dangerous websites that are known to host threats.

Security Patching – Plug Security Holes

Patch management is another crucial form of threat prevention and protection. This software solution allows administrators to update every device on the network remotely and ensure they are protected against the latest cybersecurity threats.

Antivirus – Detect and Destroy

Advanced and lightweight virus detection software prevents attacks in milliseconds while using only a fraction of processing power. Stop unknown threats and stay up to date, whether on or off-network for all of your user systems.

Antimalware – Detect and Destroy

Provide comprehensive security for all of your user systems by blocking malware and hackers. Additional security for your systems that goes above and beyond standard antivirus solutions. Providing endpoint detection and remediation anywhere in the world for a mobile workforce.

Need Help with Your Cybersecurity?

As a business executive, you’ve already got enough on your plate. Implementing even some of these layers may seem like a daunting task that you just don’t have time for. But you know it’s important and you need cybersecurity. That’s where a Managed IT Service provided like IronEdge Group can help. Feel free to give us a call.