Cyber criminals will continue to target employees as long as they are vulnerable to attack methods listed in Part 1: Understanding How Cyber Criminals Can Reach Remote Employees. Here are a few ways you can protect yourself, and stop hackers from compromising internal actors who are working remotely.

Cyber Security Awareness Training: Making employees aware of common attack methods is one of the best ways to fight against cyber criminals. They’re on the front line of the attacks, so they need to know what to look for.

This training should be clear and easy to understand for employees at all levels of technical aptitude. You don’t need to give them a comprehensive cyber security course. They just need to know the information that’s most relevant to their positions.

Cyber security awareness training is not a one and done approach. You need to continually update this information so it accurately reflects the cyber security threats that are typical for your industry.

Audit Security: Audit your security measures to see how effective they are at blocking attacks that target your employees. New solutions may offer greater protection against internal attack vectors.

Checking on Third-Party Security Measures: How strong is the security at your third-party partners? Check-in with vendors, distributors, suppliers, service providers and other external partners to ensure that they don’t put your organization at risk.

User Account Restrictions: The principle of least privilege heavily restricts user accounts so they only have access to what they need and nothing more. By auditing user accounts and ensure that they aren’t able to use unauthorized resources, you can reduce the chances that a stolen or compromised user account leads to a major data breach.

Protecting your employees from cyber criminals requires a comprehensive approach that starts with proper training. You can have the best cybersecurity solutions in place, but it doesn’t matter if your front-line employees don’t know all about social engineering, phishing and other attacks.


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