Managed IT providers are a target for hackers in today’s world. It should be your provider’s responsibility to secure your company data and access to your systems. Security should be taken very seriously, and providers should coordinate annual security audits and maintain written response processes for major issues. The use of advanced security measures, such as multifactor authentication (MFA), intrusion detection, and encrypted systems should be a part of their standard operating processes.


When selecting a provider, here are questions to ask about client data security:

  • Do you run background checks on all employees?
  • Does your organization have MFA installed on all applications and systems, where your data and systems access reside?
  • Are written incident response processes in place for major issues?
  • Do you encrypt laptop and desktop hard drives?
  • What advanced security systems are in place?


IronEdge retains significant, sensitive information about our client systems. We invest heavily in the best software and services that the industry offers, to support our clients. All of our internet facing systems have MFA. We run background checks on every person who works at IEG. Additionally, we undergo annual security audits and maintain written incident response processes for major issues. IronEdge is here to ensure your business stays secure. Looking for additional ways to stay secure? Read on to discover our 12 cyber readiness tips.