Cybersecurity is top of mind for everyone these days. We hear about a new vulnerability or a company that has been breached several times a week now. With that, we need to ensure the current firewalls being used today have the licensing and configuration to assist with keeping your environments safe.


Most firewalls come with basic functionality with the core licensing, while others include additional functionality out of the box. The core functionality of a firewall is not enough to protect against today’s threats. When reviewing firewalls, ensure required Advanced Security Licenses and functionality are considered. Firewalls with Advanced Security Licenses such as Meraki will include functionality such as Intrusion Detection/Intrusion Prevention Systems, Geo Filtering and Content Filtering at a minimum to assist in the overall security posture. Three benefits of using an advanced security license are outlined below.


  • Intrusion Detection/Prevention System (IDS/IPS) – Known IDS/IPS threat (including exploits, viruses, and rootkits) traffic is automatically dropped as it is in-bound to the environment

  • Geo Filtering – Traffic from designated countries will be blocked and not allowed into the environment. Recommend blocking country IP addresses where business is not conducted.

  • Content Filtering – allows web categories to be filtered to help secure web traffic from potential malicious traffic


By adding this additional functionality, a significant amount of unwanted, potentially malicious traffic can be discarded at the edge of the IT environment. Contact the IronEdge team today to ensure your business stays protected.